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Climate Change News

Standard Bank shareholders to vote on climate-risk exposure reporting resolution

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     18th April 2019 Shareholders of financial services provider Standard Bank will, at the bank's next annual general meeting, vote on a resolution tabled by two shareholders to require the bank to report on its exposure to climate risk in its lending, financing and investment activities. "This is the first time... 

Agri SA applauds Santam donation to drought relief fund

By: African News Agency      18th April 2019 Agricultural industry association Agri SA on Thursday applauded a donation from financial services group Santam to help drought-stricken farmers in the Northern Cape province. It said the drought in Sutherland had caused a devastating decline in the sheep breeding population and placed the town’s... 

Agri SA applauds Santam donation to drought relief fund

Acumen closes $70m impact fund for clean energy in Africa

By: Bloomberg     17th April 2019 Jacqueline Novogratz’s impact investing group closed an almost $70-million fund to back companies delivering affordable and renewable energy to mostly poor consumers in East Africa. KawiSafi Ventures seeks to bring clean energy to ten-million people with investments in fast-growing companies... 

Cape Town in good position even if winter rains are poor – deputy mayor

By: News24Wire      16th April 2019 Dam levels are 10% higher than the City of Cape Town's projections for the end of summer so the city is in a good position even if the coming winter rains turn out to be below average, says deputy mayor Ian Neilson. "And the water consumption by Cape Town is well under the target we set of... 

Cape Town in good position even if winter rains are poor – deputy mayor

Activists push South African pension funds to tally climate costs  

By: Bloomberg     15th April 2019 Pension funds in South Africa have a legal obligation to account for the financial effects of climate change on their investments, according to two groups lobbying money managers to pay closer attention to the issue. Shareholder activists Just Share and environmental law organisation ClientEarth... 

World Bank puts Mozambique's economic losses from Cyclone Idai at up to $773m

By: Reuters     11th April 2019 The World Bank estimates the direct economic losses from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique to range from $656-million to $773-million, covering damage to buildings, infrastructure and agriculture, a note sent out via the United Nations said on Thursday. In the note, dated April 4, the World Bank said... 

World Bank puts Mozambique's economic losses from Cyclone Idai at up to $773m

Cost of decarbonising global energy system falls sharply, new report shows 

By: Terence Creamer     9th April 2019 Rapidly falling renewable-energy costs, together with emerging opportunities to electrify other energy end-uses such as transportation and heating, are continuing to reduce the investment premium associated with placing the world on a more climate-friendly path, a new international report... 

Cost of decarbonising global energy system falls sharply, new report shows

Central banks are thinking greener as climate change hits policy

By: Bloomberg     2nd April 2019 Climate change is increasingly affecting the world’s central banks and their monetary policies. At a time when students around the globe are urging governments, companies and citizens to protect the environment, awareness is growing among currency guardians that weather disruptions, carbon... 

Eskom signs $180m loan agreement with NDB for renewables project  

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     1st April 2019 The New Development Bank (NDB) and Eskom on Monday signed a $180-million loan agreement for the Renewable Energy Integration and Transmission Augmentation project. The loan agreement was signed by NDB VP and COO Xian Zhu and Eskom CFO Calib Cassim during the fourth yearly meeting of the NDB in... 

Eskom signs $180m loan agreement with NDB for renewables project

Global emissions hit record as energy demand boosts fuel use  

By: Bloomberg     26th March 2019 Carbon emissions from fossil-fuel use hit a record last year after energy demand grew at its fastest pace in a decade, reflecting higher oil consumption in the US and more coal burning in China and India. Those findings from the International Energy Agency mark a setback for the effort to rein in... 

Climate challenge harder than it seems, JP Morgan executive warns

By: Bloomberg     20th March 2019 The world isn’t cutting carbon emissions anywhere near quickly enough, a senior executive at JP Morgan Asset Management told clients this week – and changing that will require far harder choices than most people realise. In his annual 'Energy Outlook' report, Michael Cembalest, chairperson of... 

Greenpeace opposes Eskom’s application to postpone air quality legislation compliance

By: Simone Liedtke     19th March 2019 Nonprofit organisation Greenpeace Africa on Tuesday reaffirmed its opposition to State-owned Eskom’s application for further postponements and/or suspensions from air quality legislation. The organisation explained that, in the interests of realising the Constitutional right to a healthy... 

Greenpeace opposes Eskom’s application to postpone air quality legislation compliance
Photo by Creamer Media's Dylan Slater
Greenpeace global air pollution unit lead analyst Lauri Myllyvirta

Coca-Cola fast-tracking collection, recycling of PET bottles

By: Simone Liedtke     18th March 2019 In commemoration of Global Recycling Day, and as part of a focused World Without Waste campaign, the Coca-Cola Company is accelerating the collection and recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles across Southern and East Africa. Along with its bottling partners and other industry... 

Emira on track to achieve environmental sustainability targets – CEO

By: Simone Liedtke     15th March 2019 Diversified real estate investment trust (Reit) Emira Property Fund is continuing its positive impact on environmental sustainability by increasing its use of renewable energy resources, expanding its water efficiency initiatives and phasing out the use of ozone depleting R22 refrigerant gas. The... 

Emira on track to achieve environmental sustainability targets – CEO

Africa needs to embrace all forms of energy, says Van Loggerenberg

By: Mamaili Mamaila     15th March 2019 There is huge demand for electricity in Africa, with about 600-million people on the continent who have no access to electricity. 

Africa needs to embrace all forms of energy, says Van Loggerenberg
MARLEZE VAN LOGGERENBERG We need to embrace LNG as one of the renewables that can make a difference globally

Variable climate presents challenges

By: Jessica Oosthuizen     15th March 2019 A more variable climate is creating the challenges of ensuring adequate water supply in dry areas and dealing with higher rainfall in wet areas. Consulting engineers and scientists SRK Consulting partner and principal hydrologist Peter Shepherd tells Engineering News that water variability in... 

Variable climate presents challenges
RIVERBANK EROSION Severe erosion is taking place in South African rivers, with sheer walls and embankments a sure sign of material being washed downstream

World Bank doubles pledge for climate adaptation, mitigation in Africa

By: Bloomberg     14th March 2019 The World Bank will more than double its commitment to climate adaptation and mitigation in Africa over the next five years to $22.5-billion. “This region is particularly vulnerable to increasing floods, droughts and destructive storms,” World Bank Group Interim President Kristalina Georgieva... 

'No tomorrow' for many unless consumption falls – UN

By: Reuters     13th March 2019 Global exploitation of natural resources – from water, sand and timber to oil, coal and gemstones – has more than tripled in 50 years, the United Nations (UN) said on Tuesday, warning of devastating environmental impacts unless demand is reduced. Surging consumption of natural resources –... 

CSIR launches tool to help municipalities assess their climate risks

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     8th March 2019 The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Friday launched an open access online climate risk profiling and adaptation tool – the Green Book – to assist municipalities across South Africa to assess their climate risks and implement adaptation measures to develop climate... 

Climate kids march for climate action

By: News24Wire      7th March 2019 There is a new movement in South Africa led by "climate kids" who will join a global school strike on March 15 to call for climate action from governments who they say are "stealing our future". An estimated 2 000 pupils will gather outside Parliament in Cape Town and more at the Union Buildings... 

Dubai scientists grow super crops that thrive in salty deserts

By: Bloomberg     28th February 2019 Scientists in Dubai are developing crops like quinoa that can thrive in the salty soils intruding into the world’s croplands. Winning over enough people to eat them is proving a greater challenge. At an experimental farm within sight of the world’s tallest skyscraper, researchers at the... 

Africa’s first solar-powered desalination plant passes 10 000 kℓ mark  

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     27th February 2019 Africa’s first solar-powered seawater desalination plant, the OSMOSUN plant, designed by Mascara and located in Witsand, in the Hessequa municipality, in the Western Cape, has produced more than 10  000 kℓ of drinkable water. The plant has been fully operational since December 20, 2018, providing... 

Africa’s first solar-powered desalination plant passes 10  000 kℓ mark
The OSMOSUN plan

Unilever, L'Oreal, Danone deemed most ready for climate change

By: Bloomberg     25th February 2019 Among the world’s biggest consumer companies, Europe’s Unilever, L’Oreal SA and Danone are best prepared for the effects of climate change relative to their peers, according to a report from the nonprofit CDP. Formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP took a double-barreled approach in... 

City wants your comment on new strategy to drought-proof Cape Town

By: News24Wire      15th February 2019 After a drought almost left Capetonians queuing for a mere few litres of water per person per day, the City of Cape Town wants your comment on a proposed R5.4bn strategy to avoid another possible "Day Zero". The proposed strategy, if accepted after public comment, presents ways of meeting growing... 

'South Africans must take climate change seriously' – Ramaphosa

By: News24Wire      15th February 2019 It is time for South Africans to take climate change seriously, said President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday in his response to the debate on his State of the Nation Address. He said if South Africa is a country that prioritises the interests of the poor and the vulnerable, then we need to act with... 

'South Africans must take climate change seriously' – Ramaphosa
President Cyril Ramaphosa

Event set to dissect the future of African energy

By: Paige Müller     15th February 2019 The eleventh edition of the Africa Energy Indaba – which will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, from February 19 to 20 this year – will focus on the future prospects and direction of energy on the African continent from an energy provision and investment point of view.... 

Event set to dissect the future of African energy
Photo by Duane Daws
AFRICA’S ENERGY FUTURE The Africa Energy Indaba will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, from February 19 and 20 this year

As renewables soar, BP sees China hitting brakes on energy growth

By: Reuters     14th February 2019 Global demand for renewable power will soar at an unprecedented pace over the coming decades, BP said in a benchmark report on Thursday, while China’s energy growth is seen sharply decelerating as its economic expansion slows. Still, China is set to remain the largest energy consumer by a long... 

WWF starts One Planet City Challenge 2019

By: Marleny Arnoldi     13th February 2019 Afgri Technology Services (ATS) has partnered with the University of Pretoria’s (UP’s) TuksNovation to foster innovation in the agricultural sector. TuksNovation is a nonprofit organisation founded by the university, in partnership with the departments of Trade and Industry and Small Business... 

DST to showcase benefits of using STI in designing future human settlements

By: Simone Liedtke     8th February 2019 With a surplus of drivers for the adoption of alternative and innovative technologies in the built environment, particularly in the human settlements sector, the effective application of science, technology and innovation (STI) can be a transformative instrument in addressing South Africa’s most... 

UCT scientists part of international study of Antarctic waters

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     6th February 2019 University of Cape Town (UCT) scientists, Dr Marcel du Plessis and Isabelle Giddy, are part of an international study team that is attempting to occupy and collect vital measurements of the frigid ice-covered waters of Antarctica – the least studied place on the planet. During winter, Antarctic... 

Research shows West Africa is facing more frequent severe storms

By: Rebecca Campbell     1st February 2019 A multinational research consortium of British, French and West African institutes and scientists, funded by the UK Government, has ascertained that “mega storms” in West Africa occur three times more frequently today than they did 35 years ago. The results of the research are being applied to... 

Agricultural sector plan prioritises job creation, agroprocessing 

By: Marleny Arnoldi     29th January 2019 Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase on Tuesday shared the agricultural sector’s five-year business plan at the Business Unity South Africa Business Economic Indaba, held in Midrand. The plan for this sector prioritised the recovery of jobs lost as a result of the drought in the country and to continue... 

Agricultural sector plan prioritises job creation, agroprocessing
Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase discusses the agricultural sector's five-year business plan. Video and editing: Nicholas Boyd.

Unisa, Exxaro, Sanedi launch first institutional anaerobic digester  

24th January 2019 To promote renewable energy as a cost-effective technology amid climate change and global warming, the University of South Africa, Exxaro Resources and the South African National Energy Development Institution launched in November its first institutional anaerobic digester. Simone Liedtke reports. 

Unisa, Exxaro, Sanedi launch first institutional anaerobic digester
Unisa, Exxaro, Sanedi launch first institutional anaerobic digester

UCT researchers selected for research hubs to address global challenges

By: Sashnee Moodley     24th January 2019 Funding agency United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) have selected University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers to establish research hubs at UK universities, to tackle some of the development challenges facing the world. The hubs offer five... 

UCT researchers selected for research hubs to address global challenges

To meet climate goals, world urged to reuse natural resources

By: Reuters     22nd January 2019 More of the billions of tonnes of materials the world uses each year must be recycled and reused to keep climate change in check, researchers said on Tuesday. Only about a tenth of the nearly 93 billion tonnes of materials utilised annually - including minerals, metals, fossil fuels and biomass -... 

Climate change threatens to make your morning brew more expensive

By: Bloomberg     17th January 2019 Coffee farmer Masumi Kondo wrapped himself in a cosy blanket on cool nights in the 1970s when he began growing the crop in the Franca region of Brazil’s Sao Paulo state. Now, thanks to persistently warmer weather, he needs an air conditioner. It’s not just the sleeping habits of farmers... 

Greenhouse gas emissions cap poses serious threat, warns activist group

By: News24Wire      20th December 2018 World governments at the UN climate talks in Poland failed to respond adequately to the climate crisis, which would have serious consequences, particularly for Africa, according to The regional branch of the global climate activist organisation echoed what many NGOs and experts... 

Greenhouse gas emissions cap poses serious threat, warns activist group
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