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SlurrySucker puts sewage works back on track

30th May 2024

Developed by local pump and dredging expert IPR, the SlurrySucker dredging system recently provided the ideal solution for getting the emergency water dams at a Gauteng wastewater treatment plant... 

IPR enhances operational efficiency with pump rebuild solutions

11th April 2024

In the current economic climate, where reducing operating costs is paramount, IPR's advanced pump servicing, repair, rebuild and refurbishment capabilities emerge as a critical solution for... 

IPR grows its offering to make customers more productive

13th March 2024

Having built its reputation as a responsive and reliable partner in the field of dewatering, heavy duty slurry pump and dredging, IPR is now well positioned to provide customers with all they need.... 

Next-gen SlurrySucker for silt-challenged water areas powered by Toyo

28th February 2024

Not only does IPR’s SlurrySucker dredging system effectively clean process water ponds, return water dams or other water storage areas, it has become recognised as an ideal solution for cleaning... 

World class lighting towers at at IPR

5th February 2024

Having witnessed that customers often need robust and compact on-site lighting, IPR now offers the range of Olikara lighting towers to suit every application. The specialist pump dewatering company... 

Latest News by Engineering News

Eskom targets JETP funds and partnerships for 2 GW clean-energy pipeline

14th June 2024

Having recently confirmed a decoupling of its just energy transition strategy from the decommissioning of its coal-fired power stations, Eskom is aiming to finalise business cases for a pipeline of... 

Industry body calls for new govt to re-set the country’s maritime agenda

14th June 2024

South African non-profit advocacy company, the Maritime Business Chamber (MBC), has called on the incoming seventh administration of democratic South Africa to re-set the country’s maritime agenda.... 

Probably more diamond industry uncertainty now than at any other point – Gemdax

14th June 2024

While the diamond sector probably has more uncertainty now than at any other point, participants also probably have a bigger opportunity than ever to shape what the future will look like. “One... 

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