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Digital Transformation in the Agribusiness Industry - Part 1

12th August 2021 The agribusiness industry in sub-Saharan Africa faces intense challenges, including constant pressure to meet the demand of feeding a population increasing at 1.2 births per second, and growing safety and environmental concerns. Companies must balance increasing productivity, efficiency and... 

Spreadsheets put everyone at risk

29th June 2021 The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about an increased awareness of the benefits of using software that enables organisations to orchestrate and manage their operations. The persistent use of spreadsheets however continues to present untold risk and could lead to both financial losses and damage to... 

Staying Safe 24/7

18th June 2021 The theme of National Safety Month, 2021 is “Staying Safe 24/7”. This speaks not only to staying safe 24/7 while on duty, but about bringing the same mindset home, to make awareness in general habitual, thereby impacting the off-site lives of workers too. The ripple effect will spread throughout... 

As a manufacturer, does ERP = Excel Runs Production?

26th March 2021 “One of the seductive things about a spreadsheet is that it is so easy to create one. Unlike an ERP implementation, which is a complex project, even to modify or add features to, even a complex spreadsheet can be generated by one person in a few hours.”  - Rick Cook The problem with using... 
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Magazine round up | 24 September 2021

A video round up of this week’s magazine, highlighting our cover story, features and Business Leader.  

President urges communities to support N2 toll road project

President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged communities to support the development of the N2 Wild Coast toll road (N2WCTR) project, which includes two mega bridges, stating that stoppages are counterproductive and not only costs contractors, but the entire country. “The very purpose they [infrastructure... 
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