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Recycling & Waste Management News

Covid-19 catalysing cooperation in water sector

By: Donna Slater     15th May 2020 Water Research Commission CEO Dhesigen Naidoo has said the Covid-19 pandemic was encouraging different water sector role-players to open channels of communication and use digital tools to further their goals of making clean and safe water available to an increased number of people and... 

Entrepreneurs urged to document business development from early stage to attract investors 

By: Donna Slater     14th May 2020 Entrepreneurs that have started a business or are looking to start a business, especially in the green economy, should start, as soon as possible, with documenting their business development process to ensure they have that information available for when they start looking for investors, YWaste... 

Entrepreneurs urged to document business development from early stage to attract investors
YWaste Solutions MD Emile Fourie discusses how entrepreneurs can navigate starting businesses in the green economy.

New infrastructure creates opportunities for demolition, decontamination

By: Cameron Mackay     8th May 2020 The development of new infrastructure, particularly in the expanding local mining sector, has created opportunities for demolition solutions provider Jet Demolition to be involved in sectional demolition and decontamination projects, particularly those involving radiological decontamination.... 

New infrastructure creates opportunities for demolition, decontamination
ION-OPENING EXPERIENCING Radiological decontamination and demolition projects can involve a range of procedures, including radiological scanning and testing of scrap metal after ultra-high pressure washing

IFAT Africa trade fair to proceed as planned for 2021

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     28th April 2020 IFAT Africa, the trade fair for water, sewage, refuse and recycling in Sub-Saharan Africa, will be back in Johannesburg in 2021, with an expanded African reach and a range of new highlights. With water, waste management and recycling now more important than ever before, IFAT Africa will showcase... 

Pipeline repair continues despite Covid-19

24th April 2020 Repair of the Mt Albert high-pressure sludge pipeline is a critical project for city council Wellington’s wastewater network in New Zealand, and one that Wellington Water is committed to progressing during lockdown.  Repairing these pipelines is a significant technical challenge, because the... 

Mobile sewage cleaning unit available locally

By: Halima Frost     24th April 2020 Local high-pressure pump supplier Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment has joined forces with sewer cleaning equipment manufacturer Baroclean to supply South Africa’s first rapid response vehicle for sewage cleaning operations. Werner has imported a high-pressure jetting and vacuum pump unit... 

Mobile sewage cleaning  unit available locally
HOT WHEELS The bakkie mounted high-pressure jetting and vacuum pump unit is a compact solution to hard to reach sewage projects

Supplier keeps valves flowing

By: Halima Frost     24th April 2020 Water treatment solutions provider Allmech assures clients that although South Africa is still reeling from the Covid-19 lockdown, implemented last month, the company will continue to supply its water treatment solutions and Runxin filter valves range in the coming months. Runxin valves are... 

Supplier keeps  valves flowing
"A-RANGED" When all lined up the Allmech Runxin range of valves suites most sewage and water treatment applications

Drive systems suited for sewage applications

24th April 2020 Industrial equipment supplier BMG offers solutions for the water, wastewater and sewage sectors, encompassing the supply of quality branded drive systems. BMG supplies an extensive range of drive packages from Nord Drivesystems and diversified corporation Sumitomo Drive Technologies including... 

Drive systems suited for sewage applications
HANDSOME HANSEN BMG offers a full range of gear units that drive aerators, water screws and brush aerators for the sewage and water treatment sector

Spar introduces new 2 ℓ fully-recyclable milk carton

By: Donna Slater     17th April 2020 Household goods retailer Spar has launched a new 100% recyclable 2 ℓ milk carton, which is made from 87% renewable resources. The entire carton closure, including the cap, is made from plant-based material, and the board used to make the cartons, comes from responsibly-managed forests that are... 

Waste pickers get relief with food vouchers during national lockdown

By: Donna Slater     14th April 2020 An electronic food voucher initiative is being rolled out to waste pickers across the country, as part of a partnership between the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) and the packaging industry, to assist waste pickers who have lost their livelihoods during the national... 

Business is booming for supplier

By: Darren Parker     10th April 2020 Stainless steel vessels and tanks supplier Metal Tank Industries has noted a definite market upswing in the past eight months, particularly in the food and beverage sector, as well as in the industrial sector, in terms of mineral oils, petroleum oils, chemicals and agrochemicals production.... 

Business is booming for supplier
MAKING IT WORK Metal Tank Industries’ streamlined production processes has helped it become more competitive in terms of costing

Ground-breaking R488m fund seeks to catalyse green-economy SMMEs 

By: Terence Creamer     7th April 2020 An innovative new fund has been launched in South Africa to incentivise fund managers to invest in small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) that are able to generate verifiable green outcomes and jobs in the energy, water, waste, infrastructure and land-management sectors. The... 

Ground-breaking R488m fund seeks to catalyse green-economy SMMEs

Wastepaper R&D receives R2m from local industry body

By: Khutso Maphatsoe     27th March 2020 Fibre Circle, the producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for the paper and paper packaging sectors, has earmarked R2-million for research and development (R&D) in the areas of alternate and innovative uses for recovered paper as well as the provision of recycling equipment for micropreneurs... 

Waste generation likely to increase during national lockdown

By: Simone Liedtke     26th March 2020 Waste generation at households is expected to increase as South Africans prepare to stay indoors for the next three weeks, the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) said on March 25. Owing to this, the institute said it supported the continuation of waste collection, processing... 

Facility upgrades help to ramp up supply

By: Halima Frost     20th March 2020 Local high pressure pump supplier Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment has successfully improved its turnaround time from between four and six months to between two and three months to manufacture a truck mounted pump system, depending on the unit ordered. “This is subsequent to the... 

Facility upgrades help to  ramp up supply
UNDER THE PUMP Werner Pumps has managed to increase its turnaround time, to relieve the pressure of increased demand, by upgrading its facilities

Cape Town commercial building showcases pioneering use of ecobricks

By: Kim Cloete     19th March 2020 A new building under construction at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront has become among the first commercial buildings in the world to use ecobrick technology.   Recycled beverage bottles, including the typical ‘Coke’ 2 litre bottles, are being used as ecobricks in the construction of The Ridge, a... 

A recycling plan to clear wind turbine blades from landfills

By: Bloomberg     9th March 2020 It’s difficult to recycle a gigantic wind turbine. The blades are built to withstand extreme weather, from scorching desert heat to hurricane-like winds, and that means their life almost always ends in a landfill. In Europe alone, about 3,800 blades will be removed every year through at least... 

Company to improve processes with new furnaces

By: Cameron Mackay     6th March 2020 Local metalworking company Thomas Foundry is set to improve and increase the efficiency of its metalworking and manufacturing processes with the purchase of four new induction furnaces. The order was placed in September last year to replace three decommissioned furnaces – a 1 t furnace and two 5... 

Company to improve  processes with new furnaces
FORGING AHEAD The company has purchased 4 new furnaces to reduce electricity consumption, improve quality and productivity, improving environmental compliance and reducing maintenance costs

Mpact performs well, despite 2019 financial year not having gone ‘to plan’

By: Simone Liedtke     4th March 2020 The weak South African economy, low business and consumer confidence, as well as the re-emergence of load-shedding and uncertainty in a number of areas, had a marked impact on paper and plastics packaging business Mpact’s customers and consumer-facing business in 2019. This resulted in tough... 

Mpact performs well, despite 2019 financial year not having gone ‘to plan’
Mpact's paper punnets

Beware of biodegradable and compostable plastics – Plastics SA

By: Khutso Maphatsoe     28th February 2020 The introduction of bioplastics to South Africa’s burgeoning and well-developed recycling industry should carefully be considered, says plastics industry association Plastics SA. Bioplastics are plastic materials produced from renewable biomass sources that are not grown or intended for human... 

Beware of biodegradable and compostable plastics – Plastics SA
LITTERING IS TRASHY Alternatives to conventional plastic packaging do not change consumer behaviour with regard to littering

Products reduce plastic waste, improve packaging

By: Khutso Maphatsoe     28th February 2020 Packaging supplier Baypac Solutions’ innovative solutions have resulted in its  customers being able to reduce their use of disposable plastic by 50% on average. Using one or all of Baypac Solutions’ Lock n Pop adhesive, Anti-Slip sheets and 55-layer Nanotechnology stretch film can halve stretch... 

Retailer to reduce single-use plastic impact

28th February 2020 Retail company Pick n Pay is moving to dramatically reduce the impact of single-use plastic and packaging by 2025. Since 2018, the retailer has successfully implemented a number of initiatives to reduce packaging and single-use plastic at its stores and throughout its supply chain. 

Flooring company to start green project

By: Halima Frost     28th February 2020 Flooring contractor KBAC Flooring will handle a 1 400 m2   external raised paving installation project in Centurion for M&T Development, set to start in April 2020. The project is believed to be the first of its kind in Africa using a unique locally manufactured product. KBAC Flooring will... 

Flooring company to start green project
UPLIFTING Raised flooring allows for increased aesthetic appeal and accesses to hidden building services

Cableway company is taking on a mountain of waste

By: News24Wire      27th February 2020 There is an ongoing battle to keep Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain clear of rubbish. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC) is actively engaged in recycling the rubbish that accumulates as a result of human activity on the mountain. 

Chemists develop process to turn rubbish into graphene

By: Schalk Burger     21st February 2020 Rice University laboratory chemists, led by James Tour, have in the science journal Nature introduced a process by which almost any source of carbon can be turned into graphene flakes, the university said. The gram-scale bottom-up flash graphene synthesis process is quick and cheap and can... 

Chemists develop process to turn rubbish into graphene
FLASH GRAPHENE Undergraduate intern Christina Crassas, chemist James Tour and graduate students Paul Advincula and Duy Luong turn carbon black into graphene in a flash

Ethical engagement rings that are truly eco-friendly, guilt-free

By: Bloomberg     20th February 2020 When Krish Himmatramka was working as an engineer in the oil industry, he would spend his spare time in his trailer in northern Louisiana scouring the Internet for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. But he struggled to find one that was ethically and sustainably produced.  After... 

Renewed call to ban disposable cylinders

By: Darren Parker     14th February 2020 Despite various heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) industry participants contesting the banning of disposable gas cylinders in South Africa for years, there is no indication of a decision on the matter being reached. South African Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning... 

Renewed call to ban disposable cylinders
TIME TO SCRAP THIS PRACTICE Disposed cylinders create about 3 150 m3 scrap metal and can explode if not thoroughly evacuated

Refrigerant recovery service set for expansion

By: Darren Parker     14th February 2020 Speciality chemicals supplier A-Gas South Africa is planning to expand its rapid recovery refrigerant service nationally this year. This follows the appointment of A-Gas business development manager Grant McGill in September last year. 

Refrigerant recovery service set for expansion
IT’S A GAS The Rapid Recovery service is up to ten times faster than traditional refrigerant recovery methods

Construction starts on Western Cape waste disposal facility

By: Simone Liedtke     7th February 2020 The construction of the first of nine new regional waste disposal facilities in the Western Cape has started in Mossel Bay. The new facility will serve multiple municipalities along the Garden Route and is aimed stimulating the waste economy, creating jobs and reducing the environmental impacts... 

Pikitup warns of service disruption

By: Marleny Arnoldi     7th February 2020 Johannesburg municipal waste manager Pikitup’s services were disrupted on Friday owing to protest action by Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) employees, over a payment dispute. The EPWP employees were contracted by Pikitup to assist in clearing the waste backlogs that accumulated over the... 

Oil recycling foundation reaching out to farmers

By: Tracy Hancock     7th February 2020 The further farmers are from a town or city, the more likely they are to find it difficult to dispose of used oil responsibly, says nonprofit organisation Recycling Used Oil Saves the Environment Foundation CEO Bubele Nyiba. Although this is not an excuse, he emphasises that, as farmers live off... 

Oil recycling foundation reaching out to farmers
NO TOWN TOO SMALL Used oil collectors travel to various small towns throughout South Africa, where farmers can dispose of used oil at automotive workshops

CCBSA introduces new 2 ℓ returnable bottle 

By: Simone Liedtke     5th February 2020 Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) has introduced a 2 ℓ returnable bottle made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic that offers consumers value for money and is also good for the environment. The new returnable bottles can be reused up to 14 times, after which they can be recycled... 

CCBSA introduces new 2 ℓ returnable bottle

Even if world reuses 50% of plastics, it won't be enough, says Jefferies

By: Bloomberg     4th February 2020 Even if countries aggressively tighten regulations, the planet will still struggle to recycle 50% of its plastic waste in ten years time, according to a report from Jefferies Financial Group. Deepening concern over the rising mountain of discarded plastic will force governments to toughen rules,... 

Even if world reuses 50% of plastics, it won't be enough, says Jefferies

Averda secures three-year AMSA contract

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     27th January 2020 End-to-end waste management company Averda has been awarded a three-year contract by steel producer ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) for the collection, transportation and disposal of several complex waste streams including sludge, coal tar, oil and grease, effluent, borax and phosphates,... 

Dubai Airports single-use plastics ban in effect

24th January 2020 In a bid to manage its environmental impact, international airports authority Dubai Airports Company reports that its self-imposed ban on single-use plastics at both of Dubai’s airports has been put into effect from the beginning of this month.   

Dubai Airports single-use plastics ban in effect
TERMINAL PLASTIC USE Dubai Airports will be terminating all single-use plastic from its airport effective January 1, 2020

Accessories supplied for diverse industries

24th January 2020 Pumping equipment supplier Werner Pumps is now able to supply an extensive range of accessories for the wastewater treatment, construction and engineering industries as the sole agent for German tool supplier HAAS Abwassertechnik in South Africa. 

Accessories supplied for  diverse industries
QUICK FIX These pipe stoppers are effective tools for quickly and reliably sealing or closing off pipelines during repair and maintenance work

Water reuse schemes offer investment opportunities for PPPs

17th January 2020 In the water and wastewater treatment industry, proven technologies are paving the way for a strong business case for bulk water reuse, says optimised resources management company Veolia Group. 

Water reuse schemes offer investment opportunities for PPPs
THE NEXT STEP Government needs to attract private sector funding to meet its water and sanitation infrastructure development requirements
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