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AutoX is a leading South African automotive lead‑acid battery manufacturer, supplying local and selected African and European markets with our well-known battery brands: Willard®, SABAT® and HiFase®. We are also the official distributor of VARTA® in South Africa and other selected African countries.

AutoX batteries deliver high performance in tough African conditions. Based on robust battery technology, we have built a successful track record of consistent performance and value for money. Serving both the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket replacement market sectors, AutoX provides a wide range of batteries including automotive car and truck batteries, industrial batteries, as well as motorcycle and leisure batteries.

As one of South Africa’s leading battery manufacturers, AutoX combines technology advancement with a quest for perfection to supply premium quality products, service excellence and attractive commercial offers, with a proud evolution which dates back more than 60 years. We are a Level 3 B-BBEE contributor with 42% black ownership and 16% black female ownership.

With our advanced manufacturing capabilities, product expertise and extensive distribution network, AutoX produces and offers reputable household brands for South Africa and beyond. Our range of branded batteries for all vehicle and motorcycle types and leisure applications is complemented by an inclusive service offering, which fully supports customer and market requirements.

Rooted in the hearts of South Africans, Willard® Batteries combines technology and a quest for perfection resulting in a battery of unrivalled standing. Our Willard® product range is manufactured in Port Elizabeth. With a presence in South Africa since the 1920s, local production started in 1954. Today, the factory reflects the true South African spirit of combining imported state-of-the-art technology with solid South African ingenuity and know-how.

SABAT® Batteries was established in 1967, with its first factory in Johannesburg. Through its sponsorship of local motorsport and its distinctive red colour scheme, SABAT® has become known as South Africa’s fastest moving battery brand. Building on this legacy, SABAT® is now a renowned lifestyle brand, enjoying strong support and brand loyalty from motorists, including sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Established more than a century ago, the VARTA® brand has come a long way and distinguished itself as the leader in automotive battery innovation. Manufactured by Johnson Controls, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries, this brand has extended its market presence in Africa through a partnership with AutoX, who is now the official distributor of VARTA® Batteries in South Africa.

AutoX’s HiFase® brand, manufactured in our Port Elizabeth manufacturing facility, is exclusively aimed at our export market. Durable and resilient, the HiFase® product range is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Enduring high temperatures and severe road conditions, it is ideally suited for markets in Africa. In the colder UK and European markets, its durability is legendary. In these markets it is sold under the HiFase® brand or other house brand names.

Battery On Call
Battery on Call® is a mobile battery delivery service for AutoX consumers and retail customers. Consumers who require mobile fitment can be assisted through the scheduling of an appointment with a mobile technician to replace their battery, whether at home, stuck on the side of the road or in a parking lot.

AutoX provides a complete range of branded batteries suitable for all vehicle types and other applications. Our brands are trusted by our customers for their premium quality and high performance, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and consumers in the car battery and automotive replacement markets. The AutoX battery range includes world-class, lead-acid batteries and products with start-stop technologies for efficient application in four different categories: Automotive, Industrial, Motorcycle and Leisure industries.

- Since 1954, when the first battery was manufactured in Port Elizabeth, we have developed our production processes and upgraded our manufacturing facility to meet increasing market demands at the highest level of battery standards possible.
- We use high-grade lead alloys and specialised additives with active ingredients developed by AutoX.
- Our paste-mixing methods are controlled to improve stability during the manufacturing process and enhance consistency from one batch to the next.
- We have customised our curing processes and apply patented moulding processes for lead straps that deliver lightweight, but highly robust, current connectors.
- Through innovations such as these, we ensure that AutoX batteries meet the demands of the most extreme conditions.
- We apply sophisticated testing procedures to ensure the quality of each battery before it leaves the factory.
- AutoX batteries consistently outperform international specified standards for lead-acid batteries.
- Our manufacturing facility was the first battery production plant in Africa to achieve ISO 9001 quality management accreditation, and our manufacturing facility is certified according to multiple national and international standards.

AutoX subscribes to the highest quality standards in the South African industry as well as to international standards relevant in European markets. We benchmark our products against the best in the world. In 1987, the company’s Port Elizabeth production facility became the first in South Africa to be awarded the SABS Quality Management System for battery manufacturing. Since then, both pillar brands, Willard® and SABAT®, carry the SABS Mark of Approval

In 2018, AutoX became the official distributor of the high performance international battery brand, VARTA®. The VARTA® brand is certified according to European Battery standards and complies with all European quality standards.

We are proud to supply a number of OEMs and more than 3 000 automotive retail outlets across South Africa and in selected African countries. These outlets include parts retail stores, fitment centres, resellers of batteries in the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) and the ‘Do It For Me’ (DIFM) markets, including our dedicated Xpress dealer channel.

This extensive distribution footprint caters for the needs of our customers, even in the most remote areas of South Africa. We also export automotive and leisure batteries to the United Kingdom. We have long-standing relationships with our logistics partners who also assist with our outbound and inbound logistics.

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