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The Insurance Tree: Introduction

5th October 2023

The ‘magic’ of insurance Whether a natural or legal entity, we are all subject to risk. Sometimes with unpleasant consequences. Often, people take risks deliberately with the intention to make a... 

Thinking about the consequences of Consequential Loss

17th August 2023

When it comes to Engineering Insurance Consequential Loss, there are various policies that can be considered. These policies are designed and intended to provide for Consequential Loss following an... 

Context to fire and elemental perils

4th July 2023

By George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk On September 2nd, 1666, a fire broke out in Pudding Lane, London close to where the monument now stands. When this memorable fire had run its course some days... 

Are you sure your insurance cover is complete from the word go?

8th June 2023

By George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk Most short-term insurance policies covering material or property damage have an inception date, expiry date and/or renewal date, be it a monthly, annual, or a... 

Is your insurance tailor-made to your requirements?

3rd May 2023

By George Jennings & Kobus van Niekerk When standard does not make the grade 

Latest News by Engineering News

Dutoit Group family business celebrates 130 years of fresh produce

Updated 2 hours 24 minutes ago

Agricultural investment company Dutoit Group is celebrating its 130th anniversary. The group was started in 1883 by Gysbertus du Toit planting the first fruit trees on Kromfontein Farm, in the... 

South African companies face challenges to compete globally, digital innovation index shows

Updated 3 hours ago

South African companies face tremendous challenges to compete on the global market, while simultaneously addressing local socioeconomic inequalities and nurturing nationwide prosperity, amid global... 

Report poses serious questions about effectiveness of scrap export ban

6th December 2023

Serious questions about the effectiveness and desirability of South Africa’s prevailing scrap export ban have been raise in a new report, which calls for its immediate lifting unless evidence can... 

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