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Yolandi Booyens

By Yolandi Booyens

New materials handling facility launched

16th August 2013

Materials handling equipment provider Eurolift says that its forklift and material handling business, launched in Johannesburg in May, has had a positive response from the market. Eurolift supplies... 

MONKEY TOWER TECHNOLOGYIt has the potential to make a difference to a mining company’s health and safety practices, as it tackles the usual dangers of scaffolding and heavy-duty equipment, such as the balancing and fastening of equipment

New scaffolding innovation to assist mining companies

9th August 2013

Access platform provider Boom Access states that its newest innovation could assist mining companies in improving health and safety performance, while offering time and cost savings. The Monkey... 

TOP ORE EXPORTER South Africa is the seventh-largest producer of iron-ore and has also traditionally been the fourth-largest exporter worldwide

SA seventh-largest iron-ore producer

26th July 2013

South Africa’s position as the number-three supplier of iron-ore to China emphasises the strategic importance of the iron-ore deposits in the country and its importance as a significant iron-ore... 

RETURN TO STABILITYForeign investment plays a key role in rebuilding Liberia’s production capability, including the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed during the civil war (Bloomberg)

Liberia regains status as iron-ore exporter after conflict

26th July 2013

A return to political stability and prudent macro-economic management have enabled Liberia to resume its status as an iron-ore exporter by attracting foreign direct investment, states Good... 

SPACE MINING Although there are unlimited deposits of iron-ore and an abundance of most resources available – to mind-boggling degrees – in space, they are extremely inconvenient to mine and therefore only viable for space exploration technologies (Source: Bloomberg)

Space mining of iron-ore not viable for local markets

26th July 2013

The supply and demand of iron-ore and precious metals is globally well balanced; therefore, the mining of these metals in space for use on earth is not viable, notes Council for Scientific and... 

Demand exceeding capacity at Port of Durban

19th July 2013

The Port of Durban is already under pressure to develop new capacity to meet container handling and storage demand, State-owned logistics group Transnet’s Durban dig-out port programme director... 

THEFT STILL HINDERING SA While the value of stolen nonferrous metals in South Africa has decreased over the past year, owing to the fluctuating copper price, the volume stolen has actually increased in some cases (Bloomberg)

SAPS to up game against copper cable theft

12th July 2013

A training manual, which will assist the South African Police Service (SAPS) in combating nonferrous metal theft more effectively, will be utilized to train SAPS members across the country from... 

Technology adds value to health and safety protection

12th July 2013

Lighting and surge protection specialist Surgetek believes that its lifeline cable- cutter technology can improve a company’s health and safety record, as it offers increased protection to... 

ANDREW YORKEThere has been a technology shift from mechanical to electronically controlled engines over the last decade, but this shift is peaking, owing to the urgency placed on OEMs for cleaner emissions

Company acquiring new technologies

5th July 2013

Heavy diesel engine and remanufactured component provider Metric Automotive Engineering is awaiting the delivery of a new RTM575 crank shaft grinder from Italy, which will enable the company to... 

COMMERCIAL EXPLOSIVES PROVIDER AEL completed an aggressive fleet replacement programme in the beginning of 2013 to reduce the age of its fleet

Company manufactures record number of mobile manufacturing units

5th July 2013

Developer, producer and supplier of commercial explosives AEL Mining Services manufactured twenty one mobile manufacturing units (MMUs) in 2012 – a record number for the company. AEL Mining... 

QUARRIES CRUCIAL TO DEVELOPMENT Aggregate and sand are the basic materials needed for construction

Demand for surface mining equipment increasing with development

5th July 2013

Work opportunities and infrastructure development are increasing across South Africa, resulting in increased activity across the quarry industry and a growing demand for earthmoving and surface... 

NEW TECHNOLOGIES The Hyundai-9 Series equipment range was first launched in South Africa last year

Company receives positive response to equipment launch

5th July 2013

Construction equipment supplier High Power Equipment (HPE) Africa notes that industry response to the launch of its Hyundai-9 Series has been positive, with increasing sales across sectors. The... 

MOGALE GOLD OPERATION The compnay placed a multimillion-rand order for two Hyundai R1200-9 excavators

Bulk earthworks industry’s potential hampered

5th July 2013

The bulk earthworks industry has the potential to perform much better than it currently does, but a lack of industry development and strikes at South Africa’s major mining companies have hampered... 

SKILLS NEEDED The fastener industry is technically orientated and requires the operation of machinery and tools, and setting and designing skills, which are gained over years of experience

Lack of skills might promote future imports

21st June 2013

South Africa’s future as a fastener manufacturer could be problematic, says fastener solutions supplier Impala Bolt & Nut MD Derek Cohen, adding that, while the country has the skills to... 

TRAINING PROVIDER  Hilti’s training comprises ordering advice, solutions for specific applications, demonstrations of Hilti products and systems and on-site product training

Company feeding tooling skills base

21st June 2013

A growing demand for tooling manufacturer Hilti’s on-site and in-office training courses is evident across the fastener and surrounding industries, as the courses facilitate safety practices and... 

IMPORTS HINDERING INDUSTRY South Africa has manufactured fastener products for many years and the equipment and skills needed are still available to service the local  market. However, owing to cheaper alternatives, many products are imported from Asia and a shrinking skills base is also emerging

Imports continue to curb industry potential, despite antidumping duty

21st June 2013

Fastener imports continue to outweigh locally manufactured products, as South Arica produced 13 146 t of standard hexagon steel bolts, set screws and nuts in 2012 and imported 30 800 t of the same... 

FASTENERS CRUCIAL FOR GROWTH The fasteners industry is an integral element of the South African manufacturing industry. Without all fastener types, such as basic bolts and nuts to more sophisticated applications, the industry will come to a standstill

Association encourages local innovation

21st June 2013

Unlocking available funds to realise new local tooling initiatives remains challenging, despite adequate support from government to ensure a growing fastener and tooling industry being evident,... 

CHINA BUILDING AFRICA China is more efficient than South Africa in providing finance for project development and supplying workers and resources to Africa

China overtaking African infrastructure development

14th June 2013

Traditionally, African countries sought skills from South Africa for infrastructure development, but a gradual shift to employing Chinese services is evident, as the Asian country is establishing... 

LOCAL CONTENT CHALLENGE The required local content for gears is 100%. Owing to the  current raw-material prices in South Africa, Land Systems South Africa is constantly engaged in cost-reduction discussions with its local raw-material suppliers to combat this challenge

Company positions itself to supply new Transnet and Prasa projects

14th June 2013

Subsidiary of defence company BAE Systems South Africa, Land Systems South Africa’s Gear Ratio division, aims to use the opportunities presented by Transnet Freight Rail’s (TFR’s) and the Passenger... 

DEVELOPMENT DEFICIT  The lack of infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa is affecting the viability of mining projects

SA’s infrastructure second in sub-Saharan Africa

14th June 2013

This year, South Africa ranked second in logistics solutions provider DHL’s yearly Global Connectedness Index (GCI) report, which analyses the state of globalisation and connectedness levels, based... 

ENERGY NEEDED FOR GROWTH A recent World Economic Forum report finds that Africa currently has15% of the world’s population, but only consumes 3% of global energy

Energy a major hurdle to Africa’s infrastructure development

14th June 2013

Energy shortages across Africa are hindering the continent from improving its infrastructure, notes advisory firm KPMG global infrastructure and projects group director De Buys Scott. He explains... 

SENA RAIL LINE The railway has a capacity of between two-million and three-million tons a year. The upgrade will increase this capacity to 6.5-million tons a year

Outdated infrastructure limiting Mozambique’s potential

14th June 2013

Advisory law firm Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Inc (ENS) aims to be continuously involved in infrastructure improvement in Mozambique and continues to play an advisory role in existing and new gas and... 

COST CUTTING Research in the composites industry aims to cut the costs of manufacturing composites and to enable quicker manufacturing of composite automotive parts to meet vehicle manufacturers’ production volume standards

Fuel efficiency driving composites demand

7th June 2013

The global weight–saving revolution and the move towards increased fuel efficiency and environment friendliness in the automotive sector have resulted in increased demand for composites, notes... 

COMING TO SA TeXtreme is a carbon fabric, comprising spread tows instead of yarns that are conventionally implemented in textile reinforcements

Weight-saving reinforcement coming to SA

7th June 2013

Sweden-based spread-tow fabric (STF) carbon reinforcements provider Oxeon AB is finalising an agreement with a South African distributor for the supply of its TeXtreme product, owing to growing... 

COMPOSITES INDUSTRY ADVANCES Innovation in the local composites industry is often done in isolation and the spillover of technology and skills from the advanced to the more basic manufacturing sectors is limited

Mobilising SA’s composites industry

7th June 2013

The use of composites is booming worldwide, owing to their unique properties. In South Africa, however, a shrinking market is evident, with composites being used mainly in niche markets such as the... 

Company launches glass-reinforced plastics manufacturing plant

Company launches glass-reinforced plastics manufacturing plant

7th June 2013

In response to the lack of local fibreglass manufacturing facilities and a growing demand for fibreglass equipment and piping, Industrial Water Cooling, IWC, officially launched its new... 

PALABORA MINING COMPANY  The mine recently took delivery of a new truck

New tyre handler forklift to assist copper mine

31st May 2013

Limpopo-based copper miner Palabora Mining Company (PMC), has taken delivery of a new heavy-duty TCM 13.5 t tyre handler forklift truck, designed for demanding materials handling tasks on mines,... 

ONGOING FUEL HIKES On February 6, the price of the 93- and 95-octane grades of petrol in South Africa increased by 41c/ℓ – rising to R11.92/ℓ

Mining industry can ill afford ongoing fuel increases

31st May 2013

The need to mitigate the impact of higher fuel costs through cheaper alternatives can result in businesses taking decisions that will have a negative impact in the long term, states Blue Strata’s... 

LABOUR VS AUTOMATION While machinery depreciates every year, wages increase at above-inflation levels every year and machinery does not require a pension fund or medical aid fund

Robotics to take over manual labour – Sapics

31st May 2013

The move towards automation across industries will reduce the dependency on manual labour and increase the capacity of the materials handling sector, while placing even more pressure on... 

SERVICE TAKE OFF Chapman Freeborn clients will benefit from the enhanced access to Lufthansa Cargo’s freighter fleet, as it broadens the charter services available to them

Air chartering company broadens service offering

31st May 2013

Air charter solutions provider Chapman Freeborn Airchartering secured a new strategic cooperation agreement earlier this year with cargo carriers Lufthansa Cargo, states Chapman Freeborn cargo... 

RULMECA MOTORISED PULLEY The Rulmeca motorised pulley 1000HD produces 50 000 Nm nominal torque at 30 t belt tension and 2.5 m/s belt speed

World’s biggest motorised pulley to be installed at coal mine

31st May 2013

Mining giant Anglo American’s 73%-owned Kriel colliery, situated 45 km south of eMalahleni, in Mpumalanga, will become the first operation in Africa to adopt a 250 kW Rulmeca motorised pulley,... 

EQUIPMENT RELIANCE NEEDEDOwing to the tonnage of ore or coal involved, there are massive cost implications for mine site operations when equipment fails and there is unscheduled downtime (Source: Duane Daws)

Simulation software provider named 2013 leading global entrepreneurial company

31st May 2013

Materials handling is one of the most asset- and energy-intensive segments in the mining space, which has led to companies turning their focus to the performance and reliability of bulk... 

Company tendering for Phase 2 of Moatize project

Company tendering for Phase 2 of Moatize project

31st May 2013

Open cast mining and underground solutions, and materials handling equipment supplier Tenova Takraf, is tendering and negotiating for a contract to supply materials handling machinery and services... 

GAS AND FLAME DETECTION The Ultima XP provides mining companies with warnings when there are low-level gas leaks at process plants

Company aims to introduce wireless gas- and flame-detection technology

17th May 2013

Safety products manufacturer MSA Africa says MSA has products in development, which incorporate wireless technology devices for gas- and flame detection in mines and industrial plants and other... 

Jincom offers a solution that takes complex or onerous content and breaks it down into simple illustrations, making the key messages engaging and easily disgestible. Video courtesy Jincom.

Company assisting semiliterate mineworkers to improve health and safety

17th May 2013

Communication specialist for semiliterate audiences Jincom, says it aims to assist in improving the mining safety statistics in 2013 by educating and uplifting workers in South Africa’s mining... 

GENSYS TURNSTILE SOLUTION The turnstile technology denies illegal miners access to underground mine premises

System helps curb illegal mining and improves safety

17th May 2013

Illegal mining is problematic across Africa, with between 20 t to 40 t of the 100 t of gold mined on the continent each year by artisanal miners, extracted through illegal means, and possibly... 

FOCUS NEEDED TO ENSURE MINE SAFETY There are stringent training and safety policies at mines, which are traditionally upheld and rigorously enforced, but pressure to secure sufficient staff is driving the skills shortage, which is underscored by the impact of HIV and health issues in the current mining workforce

Skills shortage threatening mine safety

17th May 2013

The frequency and the duration of training in the mining industry is under pressure, owing to a declining skills base, notes information technology and solution provider Dimension Data Middle East... 

SECURITY SOLUTION PROVIDED The security solution provides full biometric access control and mitigates diamond and equipment theft

CCTV used to manage theft and safety on Botswana mine

17th May 2013

Security solutions provider Tyco Integrated Fire and Security has supplied a fully integrated security solution to a diamond mine, in Botswana, with closed-circuit television (CCTV) – a first in... 

DR THUTHULA BALOUR-KAIPA As an industry, we have committed to the massive reduction and elimination of noise-induced hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss worrying – CoM

17th May 2013

The Chamber of Mines (CoM) states that it is not making the desired progress with noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is a major occupational health concern, as it finds that NIHL rates across... 

CoM head of safety and sustainable development Sietse van der Woude

Eradication of production bonuses to increase safety – 2014

17th May 2013

Better and faster implementation of the Tripartite Action Plan on Health and Safety, negotiated in 2008 by the Chamber of Mines (CoM), unions and government through the Mine Health and Safety... 

TB EASILY SPREADING AMONG MINERS Mineworkers do not only infect one another, but also infect their families and community members when they go home

Drug-resistant TB threat among mineworkers

17th May 2013

African mineworkers are at significant risk of becoming resistant to tuberculosis (TB) treatment, and those that are can be counted among the 650 000 cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR... 

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