Worried about SAFETY? Just add Hope!

4th August 2023

Worried about SAFETY? Just add Hope!

Hope Tozana - Change, Training and Specialist Systems Implementation ResultantTM  Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd (RSPH)

Hope lives up to her name. Hope is what she delivers to Miner Workers every day, by enhancing their trust that they will return home safely to their families each day.

Her journey began at Milpark Business School, where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, majoring in Human Resources Management, Marketing Management and Business Management.

While studying part time, she earned 2014 Top Achiever Award, and was also elected Student Representative Council President. Not yet satisfied about her level of contribution to community, she founded Milpark Youth Connect, an initiative that began driving personal growth and development for students, assisting students with their career paths and connecting them with companies and agencies seeking graduates, offering exam support to students in need, and creating study plans for first years and running tutorial classes.

In her three years at Valverde Eco Hotel, Hope was equipped with multiple skills including effective multilingual communication (English, Tsonga, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana), organizational skills, ability to multitask under immense pressure and effective problem solving.

Hope wanted more! In her quest to expand her skills, abilities and horizons, Hope joined Rife-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd (RSPH) after being headhunted, given her exuberance, professionalism and willingness to learn.

As Assistant Marketing Manager and HR Coordinator, data capturing, writing articles and drafting and ensuring compliance of company policies, she was not quite challenged enough.

At RSPH we believe diversity is vital to sustainability, and we want to play our part in celebrating the role that women have in the both the Mining and ICT sectors. Both sectors afford vast opportunity to become more inclusive, given the current underrepresentation of women.

An opportunity presented itself, and Hope was thrown into the deep end of the mine – almost literally…

She began her training as Change, Training and Specialist Systems Implementation ResultantTM

A ResultantTM is different from a consultant in that ResultantsTM become immersed in their clients’ worlds to really deliver RESULTS.

That is what Hope has done. Being fed by passion and care, Hope meticulously trains Mine Workers and contractors on Electronic Permit-to-Work Systems – why these are necessary, how they benefit each mine worker, the interactions between multiple workers and workstations, making everyone more aware of risks to selves and others at any given time. Total visibility of multiple artisans on site, lockouts, isolations and invisible hazards all contribute to a greater safety culture and total tracking ability of changes to work orders in real time, mean that the people Hope interacts with have a much higher likelihood of achieving Zero Harm on each shift.

Hope is hands-on, and her excellent interpersonal and communication skills enable her to build a close rapport with everyone she interacts with. Her character and professionalism are highly respected, by our clients in the mining sector, as well as internally. “We at Rifle-shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd are grateful and honoured to have Hope on our team, and her excited to see her grow even more!”, says Dilley Naidoo, Director.