Winch enhancements improve safety, usability

11th September 2015

Winch enhancements  improve safety, usability

IMPROVED SAFETY Remote operability ensures winch users can operate the winch from a safe distance and position

Off-road products manufacturer Warn has launched a new wire rope winch, the Zeon Platinum winch, for trucks and suburban utility vehicles, with added safety features.

The Zeon Platinum is IP68-rated waterproof and is coupled with a wireless handheld device, the Zeon Platinum light-emitting diode (LED) remote unit. This remote unit provides remote control of the winch and automatic clutch engagement and disengagement, eliminating the winch’s manually operated clutch lever.

“The winch and remote operates on a two-way communication system. The remote indicates the various functions of the winch that is signalled to the remote by the winch. This improves both safety and functionality, because the user does not need to go back to the vehicle to manually engage the clutch,” says vehicle accessories company Torre Parts & Components product manager Leonard Chester.

He adds that these features also provide easy instalment as the operator does not need to manually engage the clutch. “The clutch will not disengage under load and will be indicated on the remote. When the winch is operated, the clutch automatically engages, making it one of the safest winches available.”

Chester says the Zeon Platinum is the “only winch today with an advanced remote-controlled clutch”.

The remote’s menu indicates details, such as the winch’s motor temperature, the vehicle’s battery strength, winch clutch status, the remote’s battery status and signal strength.

The wireless remote will also control up to two additional accessories, enabling users to use two 16 A auxiliary ports for equipment, such as LED lights, an air compressor or even a coffee machine.

The vehicle’s spotlights can be switched on and off from the remote and will indicate if one of the lights is not working. The wireless range is 30 m in front of the vehicle and 15 m behind.

The symmetrical design of the winch helps Zeon Platinum match current vehicle styling. The black satin finish and stainless steel hardware will resist corrosion, with tests exceeding 400 hours of salt-spraying and a robust aluminium housing that adds strength and durability.

A convertible control pack enables the pack to be removed and mounted separately from the winch to a more convenient position or to provide a low-profile look. The new-style control pack, with contactor and advanced controls, ensures reliability and is weather resistant.

Further, the Zeon Platinum has a wire rope line speed that is at least 20% faster, compared with products from competitor manufacturers. This was achieved by designing a longer armature with 15% more copper than previous versions. This gives added power and a longer duty cycle.

The Zeon 10 Platinum and Zeon 12 Platinum models deliver 4 536 kg and 5 440 kg capacities and are supplied with 24 m of aircraft-grade wire rope and a roller fairlead. The Zeon 10-S Platinum includes the Warn Spydura synthetic cable and a polished aluminium hawse fairlead.

Chester says, because durability has been significantly improved and, with the line speed increased by up to 13 m a minute, the winch is suited to driver-assisted vehicle recovery.

“Overall, the Zeon Platinum is a unique, high-performance package that features a powerful new motor for efficient amp draw, fast line speed, a stronger gear train and a light aluminium drum and steel sleeve-in-drum brake design, as well as being rustproof, to provide the most advanced winch available,” he says.

The Zeon Platinum comes with a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and a one-year warranty on electrical components.