Wieland SA

30th September 2020

Wieland SA

Wieland SA celebrates 45 years of supplying high-quality, semi-finished copper and copper alloy products to the local and export markets. 

Based in Edenvale, Johannesburg, Wieland SA specialises in producing high-performance low- and high-finned mono- and bi-metal tubes.

Its two production facilities include an approved slitting centre for aluminium strip and a high-performance finned tubing production plant.

All Wieland products are manufactured according to international German Institute for Standardisation and British Standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

Wieland SA provides a number of locally manufactured and internationally sourced products, with the following applications: 

Extruded bi-metal fin tubes

Gewa-K low fin tubes

TWX  high-performance tubes: developed as low-fouling evaporator tubes for highly viscous fluids 

G&L wrap-on fin tubes