Supplier outlines simple welding equipment compliance test

15th June 2018 By: Halima Frost - Reporter

Supplier outlines simple welding equipment compliance test

ALL IN ONE UNIT 500 A Inverter MIG welder supplied by Matweld complete with a separate wire feeder

Power tools and hardware wholesaler Matus has introduced a two-year guarantee on all its Matweld welding machines, which contrasts with the industry norm of one year.

“The testing of our Matweld range is done in compliance with ISO standards and we take pride in the fact that we can offer the extended guarantee to prove that we have faith in our standards,” Matus industrial products GM Wayne Ross tells Engineering News.

Matweld product manager Warren Pedlar explains that one of the challenges facing the industry is distributors claiming that gas welding and cutting equipment is manufactured in accordance with the required standard when it is not.

One way of determining whether an oxygen or acetylene regulator complies is to check the adjusting knob. “It’s as easy as checking this one component. If it is removable, then the regulator cannot comply with the EN ISO 2503, despite what is printed on the box.”

Matweld supplies manual metal arc welding machines, as well as tungsten inert gas and metal inert gas welding machines, to the industrial and private sectors through selected retail and industrial outlets. “We also supply plasma cutters, which range between 40 A and 100 A, and carry a full range of consumables to complement the range,” says Pedlar.

Based in Johannesburg, with branches in Durban and Cape Town, Matus carries a stock contingent of more than 10 000 welding machines at any time, all of which are sold with the two-year guarantee.

“In just over three years – January 2015 to date – Matus has supplied in excess of 90 000 inverters, ranging between 120 A and 200 A. If placed end-to-end, the machines would span about 50 km or from our offices in Booysens to OR Tambo International Airport and back,” concludes Pedlar.