Welding Alloys South Africa

4th July 2017

Welding Alloys South Africa

To lead the market in engineered wear protection solutions and flux cored welding wire technology, Welding Alloys South Africa (WASA) is focused on responding to its customers’ needs.

Part of the Welding Alloys group, which covers more than 150 countries through a network of 30 subsidiaries worldwide, WASA has been servicing the sub-Saharan Africa market since 1976.

Together with KRAM Engineering, a new subsidiary of WASA since 2016, the company provides the mining, cement, power, petrochemicals and steel industries with abrasion-, impact- and corrosion-protection services to reduce life cycle costs.

“Performance and quality criteria are becoming ever more stringent and require ever more complex materials. Shortages of raw materials are leading increasingly to the development of composite components, with surfacing provided by the hardfacing method, using sophisticated alloys,” notes the company.

Operating from its facilities in Benoni and Roodepoort, WASA is equipped with wire manufacturing, automated plate, pipe, roller press and table welding equipment, and employs 147 people. The company offers chromium carbide overlay, flux cored welding wire, wear linings in basalt and alumina ceramics, silicon and tungsten carbide and rubber; epoxy wearing compounds; idlers; ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene; and hydrocyclones.

Applications include crushers, steel mill rolls, sugar cane milling, coal transportation, mining and quarry equipment, excavator buckets, caterpillar rollers and tracks, valves, forge hammers, chutes, cyclones, feeders, hopper bins, pulley lagging, launders, thickeners, screw conveyors and pulverised coal systems.

The company is ISO 9001- and ISO 3834-accredited.