Wearable personal noise and vibration dosimeters launched

18th July 2014 By: Donna Slater - Creamer Media Contributing Editor and Photographer

Wearable personal noise and vibration dosimeters launched

NOISE MONITORING The Svantek SV104 provides data required for the appropriate selection of hearing protection

Machinery condition monitoring solutions company Spectranalysis launched the SV104 noise and SV103 vibration personal dosimeters onto the local market last month.

These compact meters, capable of measuring noise dose levels and vibration exposure, are manufactured by Poland-based sound and vibration-measurement equipment company Svantek and distributed in South Africa by Spectranalysis.

The SV104 measures and records real-time octave band analysis, providing the data required for the appropriate selection of hearing protection. The device also includes three independent dosimeter profiles that allow for multiple surveys to be done simultaneously. There is also an option to record peak or threshold noise source identification.

A lightweight micro-electromechanical system (Mems) tri-axial vibration sensor detects impacts to the device and a durable Mems microphone can absorb the shock of a fall.

The SV104 can be attached to the user’s clothing with two clips.

An organic light-emitting diode (Oled) colour display makes it easier to read data in dim light or in direct sunlight on the SV104 and the SV103.

Hand-Arm Vibration-Exposure Meter
The Svantek SV103, which can be mounted to an operator’s hand and arm, can measure and record 1/1 or 1/3 real-time analysis of hand/arm vibration dose being received from a tool that an operator is using.

The device uses a small lightweight Mems accelerometer that relays hand/arm vibration exposure measurements through a flexible cable to an arm-mounted recording device. Recordings are stored on a built-in 8 GB memory, which can be downloaded through a Universal Serial Bus 2.0 interface when using Svantek’s Supervisor software.

The Supervisor software enables users to configure the device, and view and export measurement data and daily vibration-exposure recalculations.

In addition, the SV103 also features a contact force transducer that measures whether the tool operator is holding the tool in the correct manner.

Further, rechargeable batteries with 24 hours of operation power the device.

The SV103 personal daily vibration exposure meter meets ISO 8041:2005 specifications, and is suitable for taking measurements in accordance with ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC.

Svantek sales and marketing director Paul Rubens says there is a high level of uncertainty with regard to many assessment methods currently used for hand/arm vibration.

“Typically, vibration-measurement accuracy can vary between 20% and 40%, which makes a significant difference in relation to the risk of operators developing ‘vibration white finger syndrome’,” he says.

Vibration white finger produces pathological changes in a person’s nervous system of the hands and fingers. It is caused by mechanical vibrations that are transmitted to the hand when in contact with the surface of a vibrating machine, such as an electric drill or jackhammer.

“Our new SV103 is a real game changer. It significantly reduces measurement uncertainty, as it is strapped to the operator’s arm and is small enough to take daily vibration exposure measurements without interfering in normal working activities,” Rubens says.

Device Awarded
The SV104 was awarded first place in the Industrial Hygiene category of Occupational Health and Safety magazine’s 2013 New Product of the Year Awards.

Svantek’s North American distributor Sensidyne entered the SV104 into the competition.

“We are honoured to receive an award that recognises the advanced features and capability of the Svantek SV104, as it gives safety professionals the edge they require to make accurate decisions to conserve the hearing of workers using loud machinery, and with less effort than before, when previous methods were used,” Sensidyne VP Glenn Warr concludes.