7th November 2014


South Africa-based self-lubricated polymer bearings and bushes manufacturer VescoPlastics produces a proprietary brand of Vesconite bushings and wear plates that operate in dirty or wet conditions and still last longer than other products on the market.

These products do not require greasing, which fits in with the company’s ‘Zero Maintenance’ mantra. Eighty per cent of bronze-bearing applications currently on the market can be replaced with Vesconite, which has up to ten times the wear life of bronze products in dirty conditions.

While Vesconite is the company’s best-known product range, the new Vesconite Hilube range is important for international customers who want the longest life and best performance possible.

Meanwhile, VescoPlastics’ latest development, Vesconite Superlube, is an ultralow-friction material and is available for customers interested in prototype testing. Further, the company’s Hitemp 150 and Hitemp 230 bearing materials are also designed to operate continuously in dry conditions of up to 150 ºC and 230 ºC respectively.

The company also produces nylon and polyethylene rods, bushings and plates, and is able to provide extensive machining services.

While VescoPlastics has warehouses in Johannesburg, Texas, the UK, the Netherlands and New Zealand, with stocking distributors in Australia and Singapore, production takes place locally in the gold mining town of Virginia, in South Africa’s Free State province.
VescoPlastics chairperson Dr Jean-Patrick Leger remains excited about the company’s prospects and says that, with developments taking place daily, each day feels like the start of a new business.

Established in 1958, the ISO 9001 SABS-accredited company has a staff complement of 21 in the sales and administration side, while 46 are employed in manufacturing. VescoPlastics also focuses significantly on training and skills development, with 14 young people currently part of learnership and apprenticeship programmes.

VescoPlastics produces locally and sells internationally, with customers in more than 90 countries. Exports comprise about half of its total sales, and the company plans to increase this in the near future.