Supplier improves efficiency, productivity

10th November 2023 By: Simone Liedtke - Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

Supplier improves efficiency, productivity

COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS Bilfinger Intervalve Africa and Steinm├╝ller Africa are able to provide comprehensive solutions for power, mining, petrochemical and pulp and paper industries

Valves supplier Bilfinger Intervalve Africa (BIA) has succeeded in improving the steam system of a paper mill, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity as well as reducing operational costs, through addressing energy costs, chemical use, production downtime and process variability.

These functions, in control valves in the paper and pulp industry especially, are “extremely diverse”, BIA technical sales consultant Peter Underhill explains, highlighting that, consequently, the correct selection, monitoring, and servicing of control valves can result in financial rewards for clients.

Moreover, the emergence of smart positioners on control valves, and emergency shutdown valves, has enabled clients to attain further benefits.

With engineering consultancy Steinmüller Africa and BIA being sister companies in the Bilfinger group of companies, both are able to provide comprehensive solutions for the power, mining, petrochemicals and pulp and paper industries.

In the initial stages of a project for a client, Steinmüller Africa carries out careful consideration of the selection of control valves, “ensuring that the valves carry out the correct function, and are the correct style and size”.

BIA notes that incorrect valve selection can lead to cavitation or flashing damage, excessive plant noise and poor control in areas such as basis weight, affecting paper quality.

Additionally, the incorrect sizing of the control valve could result in the valve operating in an insufficient range, leading to the possibility of excessive wear and loss of controllability.

Steinmüller Africa’s proficiency therefore ensures seamless coordination among the control valve’s core elements, namely the valve body, actuator and positioning mechanism.

This synergy is pivotal in meeting the client’s precise control needs, Underhill says, warning that any subpar performance in these components can disrupt the control process, causing undesirable process variations.

However, customers often opt for the cheapest product available, even if it may not be suitable for their specific needs, laments BIA sales manager Raj Hurrilaal.

In response, BIA prioritises communication with customers, advising them on the best-quality products and even offering warranty periods for assurance.

Another challenge, he adds, lies in aligning with market demand and managing a diverse supplier portfolio. BIA addresses this by comprehensively covering a range of products for various applications.

Additionally, the company proactively engages with customers to develop inventory management and maintenance plans.

BIA also helps clients identify the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for their specific requirements.

Hurrilaal highlights that the company offers comprehensive application and product training, “empowering [customers] with the expertise to make informed decisions”.