uYilo founding member of the Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership

20th November 2020 By: Irma Venter - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

South African national e-mobility programme, uYilo, has announced that it is a founding partner of the Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership (GSMP). 

The GSMP is a network of independent, not-for-profit organisations with experience in implementing low and zero-emission mobility. 

The mission is to drive zero-emission mobility solutions for all and the partnership will work with cities, regions and countries in a consulting capacity to share best practices and lessons learned on mobility decarbonisation strategies and programmes.

“A global partnership of this nature is an important step to realising zero-emission mobility in South Africa, and Africa at large,” says uYilo director Hiten Parmar.

“The move to sustainable mobility is a task faced by every country, and an important part of every region’s alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Much of the world is ahead of us in this transition and we have a great deal to learn from them, to ease our own transition,” adds Parmar.

“Simultaneously, we also have lessons to share globally, especially on complementary challenges for developing countries and their ambitions towards sustainable mobility.”

GSMP is made up of uYilo (South Africa), Forth (US), Cenex (UK) and Cenex Netherland.