Unique bevelling, cutting and welding reduces chance of microbial growth

25th August 2017 By: Victor Moolman - Creamer Media Writer

Unique bevelling, cutting and welding reduces chance of microbial growth

ROUNDED WELD The welders are capable of cutting, bevelling and welding a clean seam around pipes and tubes

Owing to the improper welds of pipes and tubes servicing the food and beverage industry that results in them being more susceptible to the growth of micro bacteria and organisms, industrial product supplier Actum Industrial says the high-quality end results of its Orbitalum orbital cutting, bevelling and welding machines reduce the microbial growth of bacteria.

“Smooth pipes reduce the growth of bacteria and diseases in pipes. However, when two parts of a pipe or tube are joined, a rough surface with edges can be created, which can promote microbial growth; the Orbitalum range of cutters, bevellers and welders are capable of creating a nearly perfect connection,” says Actum Industrial product manager Werner Smit.

He further highlights that Orbitalum can construct plants, piping systems and reduce microbial growth, owing to the unique welding techniques that the welders use and the associated pipe building.

He explains that the machines offer a closed as well as an open welding-head solution – on the closed-welding head, the welding point is in an enclosed housing which prevents excessive sparks or arcs from causing damage.

Closed-head welders are used in environments that are difficult to control, while the open-head system should be used in a closed environment, like fabrication work, where wind, water and other environmental factors cannot affect the welding process.

Further, the Orbitalum range can be used to cut, bevel and weld a range of pipes from 0.5'' to 20'', with the pipe-wall thickness limited to a maximum of 9 mm in diameter. Closed-welding head systems operate on fusion welding and are limited to a maximum of 4'' outer diameter and 3 mm pipe-wall thickness.

Smit adds that Actum Group has diversified to become a leading importer and distributor of components, instrumentation, automation and industrial products. The original company, then known as Actum Electronics, has been operating since the 1970s and was originally an importer and distributor of electronic components, with Actum Industrial and other companies being added as more companies were acquired.

In February last year, Actum Industrial obtained the distribution rights from German equipment manufacturer Orbitalum to distribute the Orbitalum range of cutters, bevellers and welders.

Smit concludes that market reaction to Orbitalum has been positive, with much of the sample equipment made by Actum Industrial being kept to showcase the machines’ capabilities to future clients.