7th May 2021


Uniconfort manufactures and installs Biomass Plants up to 30 MWth and Cogeneration Systems up to 5 MWe. 

Our Mission is to give Value to Biomass and Waste from wood, industrial and agricultural processes, converting all into Clean Energy. The Biomass Boilers produce steam, hot water, superheated water or thermal oil, using biomass from wood, from agricultural and food processing or from other processing derived waste. Every project starts focusing on the Customer needs and the plant is designed with Uniconfort established technology. Uniconfort has already installed more than 2950 boilers all over the world suitable for heating systems, districts heating, industrial processes and cogeneration systems. We have plants in Africa mostly for industrial process.

Uniconfort is Committed to Fight Climate Change and helps its Clients to Achieve the Carbon Zero Goal. 

How? Our solution is fully customizable, from the fuel you can use (biomass type) to the output production (steam, hot water, thermal oil, cogeneration system); from the size of the plant, to the output power. We keep designing and producing biomass plants with the goal of less consumption of biomass and more efficiency. We keep studying solutions to have our biomass plants in need of less auxiliary energy consumption. We keep testing non-conventional biomass to have the widest range of usable fuel. We have local collaborators for technical assistance to give quick responses. 

Produce your own energy using your processing waste, contact us.