Uncooled thermal camera offers continuous zoom capabilities

28th October 2011

Global manufacturer of thermal imaging safety systems and infrared cameras Opgal Optronics Indus-tries has launched its Eyesec thermal camera, which offers continuous zoom capabilities.

The Eyesec uncooled thermal camera is available in South Africa through Opgal’s business partner, video and perimeter security solutions provider C3 Shared Services.

“The camera enables the operator to zoom from 15 mm to 100 mm optic without having to switch optics and is available in an array of options to suit all applications. The top-of- the-range unit is based on a 640 × 480 pixels microbolometer detector with a sensitivity of 17 µm pitch,” says C3 technical director Nick Grange.

The sensitivity enables detection and recognition of objects at a further distance.

The camera offers night and day, civilian and paramilitary surveillance of sites, such as nuclear plants, mines, pipelines, oil terminals, electric power plants, communication transmitters and prisons. The camera provides a clear thermal video image in total darkness, light fog or smoke.

“The continuous zoom capabilities were previously only available on the cooled thermal cameras, and this has now been extended to the uncooled cameras,” says C3 director Brendon Cowley. The continuous zoom function with autofocus is easy to use.

“We wanted to give control room operators the same ‘feel’ and convenience as the conventional closed-circuit television high-speed domes and pan and tilt devices but with the advantage of thermal capabilities,” says Opgal director of security sales Yoav Gross.