Two water tanks installed at water treatment plant

5th July 2019

Water storage tank and solutions company Prestank recently installed two water tanks at the Ritchie water treatment plant in Northern Cape, says Prestank estimator and project coordinator Werner Hugo.

This follows the expansion that has been taking place at the plant for the past few years, he adds.

“Prestanks were originally installed on this site many years ago and these tanks are still in operation today, however, the increasing need to expand this water treatment works’ supply has resulted in Prestank manufacturing and installing two additional elevated water storage tanks.”

The first tank which is 18 m in length by 16 m in width and 4.8 m in height, has a capacity of  1 400 ℓ. The second tank measures 19.2 m in length by 18 m in width by 4.8 m in height and has a capacity of 1 600 ℓ.

Further, both these tanks are built on a 20 m tower with landing and a walkway around the tank base, notes Hugo.

“A team of highly skilled professionals assisted in installing and erecting these tanks timeously and to the specific quality.”

He adds that the materials used to construct the water tanks were transported from Gauteng-based structural steel product manufacturer Structa Meyerton factory.

The tanks are made out of South African National Standard (SANS) 1431 material and is 300WA grade steel which are corrosion protected and galvanized according to South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) 1461 specifications.

The SABS is a certification body that is accredited by the South African National Accreditation System.

Meanwhile, Prestanks are manufactured by Structa Technology. It offers sectional water storage tanks that are hygienically safe, cost effective and a reliable way to store water for commercial users in the private sectors and even for personalised storage. Prestank steel water tank capacities range from 1 500 ℓ to 4.2-million litres.