Two contracts keep marine transformation afloat

29th January 2021

Two contracts keep marine transformation afloat

FUELING TRANSFORMATION The contract awarded to Amsol by Shell Downstream South Africa will extend the company’s services in fuel logistics and transportation

Specialist marine solutions provider African Marine Solutions (Amsol) has been awarded two contracts which will act not only as a catalyst for continued transformation but will also ensure continuity in supply chain.

The first contract awarded to Amsol is a multiyear contract with multinational oil and gas company Shell Downstream South Africa that will further support continued transformation in the sector and the extension of the company’s services in fuel logistics and transportation.

Amsol CEO Paul Maclons says with changing requirements for the transportation and delivery of multiple grades of marine fuel, Shell has partnered with Amsol to provide a world-class service in the Port of Durban.

“This partnership has resulted in Amsol acquiring a product tanker, representing a multimillion-rand investment, and will provide sustainable employment for South Africans in the specialised niche of tanker operations.”

He adds that, as the leading employer of South African seafarers, a focus of Amsol’s growth strategy has been the expansion of its marine services portfolio into the operation and management of seagoing product tankers.

This subsequently builds on its reputation as the premier bunker barge operator in the region.

With a fleet of 18 owned and managed vessels, it is also an opportunity to further support the South African government’s drive to increase the number of vessels on the South African ships’ registry – an important catalyst for employment of South African seafarers.

The tanker is to be named ISIQALO (The Beginning), and will transport and deliver high sulphur fuel oil, very low sulphur fuel oil and gas oil to vessels calling at the busy Port of Durban.

Tanker operations require effective risk management to efficiently execute the scope of work to international oil industry standards, ensuring no impact on the environment and the health and safety of all personnel.

Notably, Amsol complies with all relevant codes and conventions, nationally and globally.

The contract award to Amsol represents the achievement of a strategic growth objective, and employees, who are shareholders in the level 3 broad-based black economic empowerment business, benefit from expansion of the company’s footprint in the region.

Amsol also holds a minority shareholding in fuel transport company Lwandle Shipping, which is an emerging enterprise that is being supported by Amsol to become a new player in coastal fuel transportation and supply.

The second contract was awarded by Namibian marine diamond mining company Debmarine to Amsol Namibia and involves a two-year contract in respect of an offshore supply and support service for their offshore diamond mining fleet.

The anchor handling tug supply vessel – Nomasa – will fulfil this important function out of Lüderitz, with a team of experienced masters, officers and crew meeting the requirement for a reliable service.

“The contract with Debmarine is an opportunity to continue building the foundation of Amsol Namibia and positively impact the local supply chain as well as local employment,” says Amsol commercial & offshore marine services executive Peet Reyneke.

He concludes that Amsol’s long-term partnership with Debmarine is underpinned by a commitment to safety, health, environmental protection and quality and it looks forward to continuing to create value for all stakeholders.