Trucking, transport sectors key focus area for Engen

6th June 2024

Trucking, transport sectors key focus area for Engen

The transport sector plays a pivotal role in the South African economy. Without trucks on our roads, South Africa stops moving. The trucking and transport sector is therefore a key focus sector for Engen. Engen's offering to fleet owners and drivers is based on an in-depth knowledge of the sector and is tailored to ensure that we can make a difference to the lives of both fleet owners and truck operators who spend long hours on the road hauling cargo across the African continent.

Tough Industries Demand High-Performance Support

Manufacturing, farming, logistics and transport, and mining are dubbed “the down and dirty sectors” where you pace yourself constantly against lead time, downtime, overtime and time to market. It is where you sweat the resources, optimise efficiencies, minimise variability and go, go, go. Heaven forbid if something should stop.

These are industries that define hard work for hard workers. And these tough conditions require tough products and service delivery to measure up.  They are all looking for high-performance products: high-performance fuels, high-quality lubricants and chemicals that make the grade in every way.

That’s why Engen is the partner of choice for the toughest industries. Our extensive strategic depot and services footprint ensures reliable product and service delivery when and where it matters most for your business. Add in additional services, such as asset condition monitoring and asset performance management, and it is clear that Engen delivers the whole package to optimise business operations in these sectors where being idle is detrimental.

Keeping the Wheels Turning

As a transport and logistics business, when you choose Engen, you are not just choosing a supplier, but also a partner that keeps your fleet moving – efficiently, safely and affordably. We provide more than just the hardworking products you need to get to your destination; we travel the journey with you, supporting you every kilometre of the way with a combination of endurance-quality fuels and lubricants. Plus, as a market-leading network of Truck Stop and 1-Stop service stations for on-road convenience and cashless refuelling support services, Engen makes your drivers’ journeys easier.

Engen is more than an energy solutions brand; we stand for a commitment to progress, and our team of dedicated experts provides personalised support and innovative solutions. We help you reduce operational costs while maintaining top-tier performance.

Our commitment to progress ensures that your fleet runs safely, is productive and positively impacts your business.

Everything is in motion because it must be – being still is the enemy of progress. Engen understands this so, with this in mind, we are constantly working on enhancing our product and service offerings to meet our customers’ needs.

It is for all our customers throughout South Africa, who keep our country and economy going daily, that we at Engen are always moving. Because You’re Always Moving, at Engen, We’re Always Moving.

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