Pumps offer safe bolting solutions to industries

5th October 2018 By: Thabi Madiba - Creamer Media Researcher and Writer

Pumps offer safe bolting solutions to industries

RAPID SPEED The TWH-N low-profile hydraulic torque wrench being operated by the TPA air-driven torque pump

With several drill-ready prospects and potential for more discoveries in the oil and gas industry, hydraulic tools and bolting equipment manufacturer and supplier Hi-Force states that the South African market is constantly in need of new technologies and solutions to support growth.

The TPA and TPE torque wrench pumps along with the Hi-Force range of bolting tools are key for supporting critical bolting processes in industry and offer a solution to technological challenges faced during significant ongoing developments.

The hydraulic tools manufacturer offers its premium line of hydraulic torque wrench pumps to the world market. The TPA and TPE range of air and electric driven pumps are said to complement Hi-Force’s existing range of bolting products, to provide effective and safe bolting solutions to industries such as power generation, mining, shipbuilding, construction, and oil and gas.

The leading-edge range of torque wrench pumps comprises a high-speed three-stage design to provide a faster flow at midrange pressure, and ensures consistent and reliable hydraulic power.

Hi-Force MD Laura Thompson says the multi-outlet four-way pumps’ design allows for up to four hydraulic torque wrenches to be used simultaneously to provide an even compression of the critical leak sealing gasket on flange joint connections.

The TPA and TPE ranges are compatible with the TWS-N square drive and TWH-N low-profile female hexagon hydraulic torque wrenches, she adds.

The compact and rigid roll framework design provides protection for the pump and is a convenient way of manoeuvring it on site. The lightweight aluminium reservoir with a maximum capacity of 7 ℓ makes the TPA and TPE ranges some of the lightest hydraulic torque wrench pumps on the market. The TPA and TPE models include a 5 m pendant cable which allows for considerable and safe distance between the pump and the bolting application.

Launched to global markets in November 2014, the torque wrench pumps have since been developed and designed to withstand the challenging conditions of the South African mining industry and meet the demands of high-use applications. The automatically activated oil-cooling system, fitted on all electric models as standard, keeps the TPE torque wrench pump’s oil temperature under control, ensuring that the pump can work longer periods in the hot African conditions, subsequently extending the service life of the pump. The TPA air-operated models comprise an exhaust radiator located inside the oil reservoir, which helps keep oil temperature under control during high utilisation operations.

Hi-Force regional director Sean Sandham states that the local mining industry plays an important role in boosting research and development activities.

Hi-Force has introduced the improved range of ToughLift jacking systems that comprise three-speed pump units for faster advance and retract times under load and no-load conditions.

The systems offer users an easy and safe method of lifting mine- and quarry-material haulers during maintenance and vehicle on-site breakdown in the mining and construction industry.

The redesigned wheel position on the frame and wear-resistant steel base plate of the system offers better ground clearance, making the Hi-Force ToughLift suitable for use on various terrains.

Sandham says pivot plates fitted on all models enable the cylinder and tank unit to articulate separately, thus retaining the load on the base plate and preventing the force from being transferred to the wheels.

New accessory options include a load block tool box and pneumatic tyres available on the 100 t, 150 t and 200 t models.

A hardened steel lifting saddle is fitted as standard on all the systems. The 50 t models are equipped with a patented “snap-latch” handle assembly for easy positioning and transportation, as well as a patented jacking system designed for increased safety, enabling the models to be easily positioned in tight spaces to ensure location into the exact lifting and jacking position.