TNPA bolsters interventions at Port of Durban to expedite recovery

1st December 2023 By: Tasneem Bulbulia - Senior Contributing Editor Online

TNPA bolsters interventions at Port of Durban to expedite recovery

Port of Durban

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is assisting terminal operators with implementing the container recovery plan more easily at the Port of Durban by providing a 24-hour helicopter services and ramped-up dredging services.

The intervention will be implemented from December 2.

The ramping up of the TNPA helicopter service availability at the Port of Durban from a 12-hour to a 24-hour operation is one recovery intervention as part of plans to ensure quicker turnaround times for vessels, it says in a statement.

The TNPA helicopter service transports marine pilots to board vessels at anchorage for safe vessel navigation into the port.

“While TNPA operates a complementary marine craft service with an option of deploying pilot boats for the same, the helicopter service is quicker and offers better efficiencies in vessel movements.

“We are certain that the increase in helicopter availability will make a significant contribution to the clearance of vessel delays,” says TNPA Eastern Region Ports – Durban and Richards Bay managing executive Moshe Motlohi.

At the Durban Container Terminal, TNPA recently handed over Berth 108 to the Pier 2 terminal operator, following a successful dredging exercise with the use of plough tug Mohoma that led to the promulgation of the berth to its design depth of 12.8 m.

A plough tug is used as a bed leveller to smooth out high spots created by marine traffic in high-volume berth areas, allowing the docking of bigger vessels.

“This intervention is anticipated to yield favourable results for our terminal operator as it will reduce the duration of the dredging maintenance work and berth downtime at our busiest container terminal. The collaboration between the ports authority and terminal operator is destined to accelerate the recovery plan,” says Motlohi.

TNPA adds that it continues to fulfil its oversight role in leading the execution of the container recovery plan.