Three new Novus products improve temperature logging accuracy

20th April 2018

Brazilian loop controller and data instrumentation manufacturer Novus Automation has launched three new products in the last four months, the Novus LoopView, the LogBox-BLE and the RHT Climate range with a focus on temperature and pressure monitoring.

The first product is the Novus LoopView. Launched in December, it is a solution for local indication of pressure or temperature sensors and an economical way to monitor variables in industrial processes. Technicians are able to use the LoopView to make a quick diagnosis of a process on the spot.

LoopView is a two-wire, 4 mA to 20 mA loop indicator that is loop and low powered. It is powered by the current loop itself and can be inserted in to sensors that are already installed in an industrial process, as long as it has the same connector type. The LoopView has a valve-type connector, EN 175301-803 (old DIN 43650) male and female.

In addition, the device is precise enough for the indication of multiple measurements such as pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, temperature and acceleration. There is a four-digit display and two keys that allow for the adjustment in the indication value and range, the decimal point position, the application of the digital signal filter and makes user calibration easier. Parameter modification is password protected and can be done directly in the loop indicator. The configured parameters are stored in a non-volatile memory and will be saved in the event of a loop break.

Novus’s second device is the LogBox-BLE, which was also launched in December by Novus Automation in partnership with Mimic Components. The LogBox-BLE is a wireless temperature data logger that can be used as a transit vehicle monitor. It has inputs for three analog sensors and one digital sensor.

The LogBos-BLE can operate on four alkaline AA batteries for extended periods of time and has a memory capacity of 140 000 logs.

“The external power supply 10 V to 30 V dc enables the LogBox-BLE to function from the transit vehicle’s power supply in addition to the LogBox-BLE battery system as a backup when the transit vehicle is stationary,” Mimic Components technical director Don Smith said in a press release. “A real benefit of the LogBox-BLE is its transit vehicle monitoring capacity; for example, the three-point monitoring system could monitor three different temperatures, including the opening/closing of the transit vehicle door using the digital input (on/off) and any other analog variable,” he continues.

Some of the features include a large display unit, a protection cover for connections, a locking ring and a mounting bracket that can use an optional holder with magnetic inserts for mounting to metal surfaces.

Further, the device configurations can be accessed by a desktop or notebook connected to the LogBox-BLE USB interface, and even through an Android smartphone using Bluetooth. The LogChart-BLE application is available on the Google Play Store for Android smartphone users. The software allows for log configurations, data downloads, and analysis and remote viewing if the logs are published on the Novus Cloud. There is a buzzer for audible alerts, as well as a digital output that can be used as an alarm output. This will only be possible at preset intervals when sampling data to conserve battery power.

“Suitable applications include environmental monitoring, laboratory monitoring, temperature recording in cold rooms, and climate control in data centres,” suggests Smith.

Last month, Novus launched the RHT Climate, which is the company’s new temperature and relative humidity product range.

The measured variables of the RHT Climate can be retransmitted through two analog outputs, which can be configured to either current (4 mA to 20 mA) or voltage (0 V to 10 V). The transmitter has two digital outputs and an alarm that can be used as alarms, with a configurable set point. The parameters can be adjusted through the built-in humane-machine interface or by a simple USB cable in conjunction with the configuration software.

All models in the RHT Climate product range are available in wall or duct mount versions with built-in temperature and humidity probes.

“The relative humidity and temperature sensors are much more accurate and can be used in an even greater temperature range. It also allows easy commissioning and troubleshooting by forcing its output values to a determined level,” Novus product manager Fabio Piuma explained in a press release.

All three products are aimed at making temperature, pressure and humidity logging easier to monitor and understand.