Three new categories for stainless steel awards

30th May 2008 By: Jonathan Faurie

Three new categories have been added to the biannual stainless steel awards which are to be announced on October 16, 2008, reports the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (Sassda).

The new categories that have been added to the awards ceremony include an innovation award, an achievement award, and a student award.

Sassda’s outgoing MD, Michael Campbell, says that the aim of the extended awards is to recognise achievements in sectors other than products, projects and services. “Students make a significant contribution towards the stainless steel industry and it is time we give them recognition. “At the 2006 awards, students from the University of Stellenbosch were runners-up in the overall stainless steel award category. “The product subsequently generated significant international interest.

“Another area where Sassda needs to give significant acknowledgement is to the achievement award. “Here, the association wishes to publicly recognise industry stalwarts who make a significant contribution to the industry. “We would like to give them recognition at the awards as opposed to posthumously,” says Campbell.

Another innovation of the 2008 awards is the inclusion of Durban as a regional location where a gala evening will also take place. “In the past, the main gala evening was held in Johannesburg with a satellite link-up to a regional gala evening in Cape Town. “This year, there will be gala evenings in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban with a satellite link up to the main awards cere- mony, which is held in Johannes- burg. Including regional locations in the main awards is quite ambitious of Sassda and it has been most successful,” says Campbell.

Last year, Engineering News reported that engineering company HG Molenaar won the 2006 overall stainless steel award for the construction of a submarine rescue system.

The aim of the system is to evacuate stranded submarines anywhere in the world within 48 hours, without the crew suffering the effects of decompression sickness.

The crew of the ship are retrieved in a submersible that can attach to the submarine, drill into it, correct the atmospheric pressure, open the hatch and remove the crew.

The crew are then transported to the rescue system, where they undergo treatment in hyperbaric chambers.

The rescue system is a 72-person, 100-m3 hyperbaric chamber made from 5-mm SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel, in order to cut down on the weight, as the chamber has to be flown to the deployment site.

The system is made up of three chambers, all of which are fabri- cated out of stainless steel.

Campbell reports that Sassda has also extended the diversity of its judges’ panel to include participants from a range of industries that promote stainless steel.

“This year, the judges panel includes a number of new faces covering a range of industry par- ticipants that frequently promote stainless steel. “New faces on the panel this year include Tinus Bosch, who was a former director at Sassda and KMG; Michael Coulson, who is the media representative from Finweek; Professor Madeleine du Toit from the University of Pretoria; Nick Human from LLP Design; Peter Viljoen from Stainless Fabricators; and Tom Steer from Siyakha Architects. Returning to the panel is Louise Benson from Hendler & Hart,” says Campbell.

In an effort to involve as many sponsors as possible, the 2008 Sassda awards offer a number of sponsorship packages that suit a company’s marketing budget. “Companies can take a national sponsorship that covers Johannes- burg, Cape Town and Durban, or a sponsor can opt for a Johannesburg- plus-one-other-region sponsorship package. “Alternatively, a company can also purchase sponsorship for its specific region,” says Campbell.

National sponsors already secured for the event are Afrox, Air Products, Columbus Stainless Steel, Euro Steel, Fischer Group SA, Franke, KMG, NDE, Macsteel VRN, Rebuff, Rimex, Schmolz & Bickenbach and Savati. Regional sponsors are Steloy and Metso ND. Other smaller sponsors include HG Molenaar and Andrew Mentis.