Thermal imaging for in-depth building inspection

1st April 2020

Thermal imaging for in-depth building inspection

The FLIR thermal imaging sensor guides users to the source of building-related issues

A built-in thermal imager combined with moisture hygrometer and multi-spectral dynamic imaging is designed to help users quickly troubleshoot moisture problems in buildings.

The all-in-one, thermal-enabled moisture meter with hygrometer provides users with a more comprehensive understanding of problem areas by enhancing Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) thermal images with visual details for quick identification of moisture, air leaks and insulation voids.

The FLIR MR277 building inspection system is FLIR Systems’ first moisture meter with IGM to offer Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology.

Designed for restoration, remediation and building management professionals, the enhanced system includes features needed to identify, diagnose, fix, and document moisture and building envelope problems.

The FLIR Lepton thermal imaging sensor powers IGM, visually guiding users to the source of building-related issues. Once a problem is located, the built-in pinless sensor enables quick, non-invasive moisture detection. Inspectors can then streamline diagnosis and documentation by using the built-in Bluetooth to connect via METERLiNK to mobile devices running the FLIR Tools mobile application (app). This allows users to upload measurements and images from the job site to complete and share reports with customers.

The imager features a display screen that is 50% larger than the company’s previous moisture meter models, making it easier for users to identify problem areas visually and allowing users to view multiple parameters simultaneously, including humidity levels, dew point and vapour pressure.

A dual-camera system powers FLIR MSX, which adds visual details such as edges, writing and patterns to full thermal images. The system can display and record MSX, thermal and visual images, with storage for up to 15 000 images in the internal memory.

The MR277 includes a MR02 removeable pin probe and a built-in pinless sensor allowing users to verify the presence of moisture and take accurate, pin-based measurements with a single tool.

Also included is the MR13 moisture hygrometer, which is a humidity and temperature sensor that measures relative humidity and can be replaced in the field.