The Verderflex Dura 80 Hose Pump: The next generation peristaltic hose pump

5th April 2023

The Verderflex Dura 80 Hose Pump: The next generation peristaltic hose pump

Verder Liquids is proud to announce the release of the Verderflex DURA 80 Hose Pump, specifically designed and constructed to meet market demand. Based on feedback from our users in the field, our R&D team has developed a next-generation peristaltic hose pump with increased functionality, designed for even easier use in the field.

We have taken our VF80 generation pump, improved its flow capacity and added features that address the suggestions made by users. Our newest member of the DURA pump family boasts key features that make for added user-friendliness, including:

“These improvements are more than just a simple update,” says Darryl Macdougall, Managing Director, Verder Pumps South Africa. “They increase the functionality of the pump and make the user's life easier. Our R&D team focused not only on responding to user feedback, but on technical advances to improve overall performance when developing this pump.”

The DURA 80 has market-leading swept volume and is designed for applications such as metering and transfer duties with a focus on sludges, slurries and abrasives. It follows the same principles as its celebrated predecessor, with a shoe moving along a peristaltic hose to provide the pumping action. This principle ensures that it can achieve good pumping success with sludges and slurries because the contact point for the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ of the shoe to and from the hose is gentler than a roller contact point, reducing contact point loading.

With all these added features and improvements, the DURA 80 offers key benefits such as:

  1. Class leading performance up to 42m3/hr and pressures of up to 16 bar.
  2. Minimised downtime and reduced cost of ownership.
  3. In-situ hose change/simplified spares holding requirement.
  4. Self-priming (capable of a suction lift of 9.5 mwc), dry running.
  5. Low shear design ideal for abrasive/solid slurries.
  6. Seal-less and valveless pumping operation with directly proportional flow stability and repeatability.

“The principle behind this technology is to improve the efficiency and save the end user money by looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which equals upfront costs and lifetime operation. For the end user it is not just buying the pump but the working life and ease of use,” says Macdougall. 

The DURA 80 is now available across Verder Group’s operational footprint, including in South Africa and Africa.

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