The Combustion Group

22nd June 2018

The Combustion Group

Combustion and thermal solutions provider The Combustion Group (TCG) designs, manufactures, installs and commissions thermal solution equipment for any specific plant and application.

Established in 1989, TCG’s vision is to be the innovative leader in the industry by remaining the top supplier of combustion equipment and services in sub-Saharan Africa.

Subsequently, the group has streamlined and simplified the product development process, allowing unique solutions to be configured in weeks rather than months, through the development of the Honeywell Slate integrated combustion management system. Launched in South Africa in February, the system combines configurable combustion safety with programmable logic on a single platform and can be easily customised for almost any requirement or application.

Besides its innovation, TCG’s commitment to unparalleled safety, reliability, quality and service contribute to it being the leader in the thermal solutions industry.

TCG supplies a range of equipment certified by industry regulator South African Gas Association’s Safe Gas Equipment Scheme. The group has developed high-quality standards and procedures in line with ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and is available to conduct safety and standards audits.

TCG has also worked with the South African Bureau of Standards to develop standards, such as SANS 329 and SANS 347, and pressure equipment regulations, and is involved in other thermal processing standards currently under development.

Further, the group lists technical combustion training as a priority and has helped build qualifications on a national level.  TCG is involved with the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority’s gas working group, contributing to the development of a national qualification for gas installers.

TCG is a significant contributor to continuous development and improving the standard of combustion control, monitoring and safety within the thermal processing industry.