The benefits of multi-page booklet labels

16th November 2018 By: Creamer Media Reporter

The benefits of multi-page booklet labels

Many South African brand owners don’t make optimal use of their packaging and labelling space. This is not only prime real estate where brands can communicate with consumers but also a mandatory platform for the pharmaceutical sector, for example, to clearly display dosage instructions and contra-indications.

The purpose of a label is not just to inform consumers about what the product is and what’s within it, but also to explain its benefits and warnings. When used correctly, labels can help brands to build trust and make it easier to communicate important messages to consumers.

What is a booklet label? 

Known in the packaging industry by many different names – including extended text labels, expanded content labels, multi-panel labels, concertina labels, fold-out labels, or pull-out labels – an on-pack informational label is a multi-page leaflet or booklet that is combined with a printed self-adhesive label.

This innovative on-pack information and communication device requires no more space than a standard label, yet it allows manufacturers and brand owners to multiply the area used for communication on-pack several times over, in a clear and legible way.

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we have an expansive array of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels that can be custom constructed to suit your needs, whether you prefer a concertina-style design or a booklet that your customers can page through. All Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are professionally and neatly constructed to maintain your professional brand image.

What are the benefits?

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels are suitable for use in a variety of user-applications and offer the following advantages:

Professional providers

Since 1981, Pyrotec PackMedia has been the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in South and southern Africa.