Temperature transmitter ideal for numerous industries

21st April 2017 By: Nadine James - Features Deputy Editor

Temperature transmitter ideal for numerous industries

VERSATILITY PERSONIFIED DT722 is suitable for measuring temperature and humidity in any controlled environment

The DT722 relative humidity and temperature transmitter is ideal for the chemicals and food and beverage, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), industries because it offers accurate, stable measurement and control of humidity and temperature, says instrumentation and measurement product supplier Instrotech sales manager Grant Suttie.

The DT722 is developed and manufactured by UK-based humidity measurement product supplier Michell Instruments and is distributed locally by Instrotech, owing to a distribution agreement established between the two companies in 2005.

It is suitable for indoor applications, including sauna monitoring, building management systems and swimming pool dehumidifiers, he explains. Outdoor applications include measuring relative humidity to predict weather patterns and monitor climate change.

Citing examples of how beneficial humidity and temperature control can be, Suttie notes that control in HVAC applications is necessary to maintain air quality and comfort while reducing bacterial growth and structural damage caused by excessive moisture.

He adds that the transmitters can be supplied with radiation shields to protect them from ultraviolet radiation.

Further, he notes that humidity and temperature control is vital in numerous manufacturing, processing and research facilities, adding that the transmitter is “vital to monitoring any type of controlled environment”.

Suttie remarks that high operating temperatures in industrial processes are combined with frequently harsh and corrosive environments, which would normally hinder the functioning of precision instrumentation, as the sensors and equipment can degrade quickly.

However, he affirms that the DT722 units are “exceptionally reliable and robust”, with a stainless steel housing providing corrosion resistance and protection against rough handling or accidental damage; an ingress protection to IP65 makes it dust- and waterproof.

“Control and measurement of humidity can affect the quality, quantity and safety of many products, especially in the agricultural processing, food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries,” Suttie comments. “He points out that the DT722 can assist in reducing food spoilage (during processing and transportation) and in enhancing quality control in chemical and pharmaceutical applications, which would ultimately result in increased productivity and profit.

Using the transmitter for residential and office building management systems can save “thousands of rands” in energy costs every month, he adds. The DT722 can operate in 0% to 100% humidity, in temperatures of between –40 ºC and 150 ºC. Other features include an optional calculated moisture signal output, an optional integrated loop-powered display and an M12 connector and cable gland.

The transmitter is just one of the products that have ensured that Instrotech has remained a leader in the measurement of trace moisture and humidity for almost 36 years, Suttie concludes.