Telematics company introduces live streaming

7th February 2020 By: Darren Parker

Telematics company introduces live streaming

IN REAL-TIME The live streaming service helps fleet managers to improve driver safety and compliance

Fleet and asset management solutions company MiX Telematics has added a live streaming service to its MiX Vision solution.

The streaming service enables fleet managers to live stream footage from up to eight cameras simultaneously using MiX Fleet Manager – MiX Telematics’ online software solution – with the benefit of improving driver safety and compliance in real time.

“This heightens the control that fleet managers have over their fleet by giving them immediate, live access to a view of their drivers and vehicles,” says MiX Telematics Africa fleet sales director Henry Smith.

Live streaming allows for the monitoring of journey context to check if the driver is at risk and understanding what possible traffic or road hazards the driver may be facing. It also gives the viewer access to monitor sensitive loading or unloading of cargo, as well as witness possible damages that may occur during the process.

Streaming can be conducted when necessary to proactively reduce the likelihood of accidents. “Fleet operators can check in at any time to determine if the driver is fatigued or to monitor driver compliance with company policies, such as cellphone use while driving, not using seat belts or passenger overloading,” Smith notes.

MiX Vision is configured to meet client-specific needs and can be used within most market verticals, including construction, emergency services, field service, fast-moving consumer goods, government and municipal services, leasing, minerals and exploration, oil and gas, public transport, security, distribution and utilities.

Smith adds that MiX Vision now also supports a number of different in-cab and exterior camera configurations. These configurations enable customers to get a clear view of what they regard as most important in their business while taking into account data privacy requirements.

MiX Telematics’ camera solution combines video, vehicle and driver data for use in incident analysis, insurance claims, driver coaching and risk mitigation.

The value of this solution to the fleet operator was further extended last year with the introduction of the MiX Vision Bureau Service, which aims to decrease risky driving behaviour and, ultimately, increase the safety of drivers and cargo.

The service is managed by MiX Telematics’ team of professional video analysts and is offered as two-tiered programmes (silver and gold), through an online platform. It assists fleet managers to monitor their drivers and vehicles by checking whether the cameras are fully functional and not obstructed or tampered with, as well as providing coaching tools to help correct poor driving behaviour.

Driver trainers can use the MiX Vision Bureau Service to access dashboards and trend reports to gain in-depth insight into how their drivers are behaving on the road, which can be used to ensure driver compliance, as well as positively impact on fleet productivity and safety.

“Advances in connected technology, such as automation systems, robotics and telematics, will continue to help businesses in the materials handling and logistics industries to keep up with growing demands and reduce operating risk,” Smith states.

“Technological advancements, such as increased digitalisation of materials handling equipment, have improved the tracking of equipment location, use and performance”, he adds.

Telematics systems monitor various aspects of the actual equipment or machinery in use, as well as the driving style of its operator, helping companies to not only maximise machine use and life span, but also increase productivity and operating efficiency.

“The growing demand for equipment diagnostics data for predictive analytics and the increasing regulations pertaining to equipment safety have been instrumental in leading to the increased adoption of telematics in this industry,” Smith claims.

He says MiX Telematics aims to provide customers globally with reliable solutions to address their safety, compliance and efficiency needs.

“We are continuously working on new solutions and enhancements to further extend the value we drive into our customers’ businesses.”

He notes that a new solution, which will be made available in the next few months in African markets, is the MiX Asset Manager online platform.

“The platform provides comprehensive control of nonvehicle assets. It prevents potential theft and misuse by providing tools to track and locate assets, as well as monitor their use,” Smith tells Engineering News.

The MiX Telematics fleet solutions extend to the monitoring and management of materials handling equipment across construction, mining, equipment hire and other related industries.

“This ultimately results in improved equipment performance and cost benefits, including lower maintenance and fuel costs, while ensuring the safety and security of operators.”

Real-time data is transmitted regarding the equipment’s location, fuel consumption, and distance travelled, among others.

In the case of rental equipment, companies can bill accurately and ensure contract compliance using actual use reports. Access to specialised equipment can also be remotely controlled based on licences and certifications.