Tech firm supports youth development

25th August 2023 By: Lynne Davies - Creamer Media Reporter

Tech firm supports youth development

PATRICIA ADAMS Success is not measured by the position that you hold but in overcoming

Global technology service provider Logicalis provides support to those looking to enter the information technology (IT) sector, through its collaboration with the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme, aiding youth development, in addition to its providing a variety of other opportunities for learnerships and bursaries.

Logicalis and the YES programme, along with other companies, such as vendor-authorised training and certification solutions provider Torque IT, have hosted students over six-month periods starting in 2020 to the present day.

During this time, students are exposed to a variety of products, services and roles that Logicalis offers in the technical or digital transformation sectors.

“We drive the initiative of enriching women’s lives and bringing them into the technology sector by predominantly focusing on improving education in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields,” says Logicalis chief compliance officer Patricia Adams.

There is a stereotype that women are not suited to the technology industry; walking into a boardroom for a meeting with a technology company, represented by only two or three women, while the rest of the attendees are all men, is commonplace, she asserts.

Although the technology industry is still a male-dominated industry, it is evolving, similar to the evolution in technology.

“Anyone can do anything they set their minds to, despite challenges they might face along the way.

A challenge I faced was being the only female technician at the time, and I found that I had to prove myself more often than my peers,” notes Adams.

However, with the necessary knowledge, skills and education, women should see challenges as stepping stones to future opportunities.

Adams adds that there is an initiative within Logicalis – called Driving Your Own Career – where employees work with their managers to chart out their career paths based on their current positions by exploring the opportunities and positions that an individual can grow towards as they progress.

“We invest quite a bit in the development of our employees, enabling them to grow to higher positions while increasing the number of women in more senior positions.”

She suggested that women foster a balance between standard intelligence and emotional intelligence to allow for the best possible performance while they evaluate opportunities for career growth .

She further explains that women need to persevere and look at their challenges as opportunities to improve, collaborate with others for success and be the role models for future generations.

“Success is not measured by the position that you hold but in overcoming challenges, improving yourself as an individual and adding value to the lives of others,” Adams concludes.