Supplier offers tailor-made welding materials

19th June 2020 By: Mamaili Mamaila - Features Writer and Social Media Specialist

Supplier offers tailor-made welding materials

OVER-PROTECTIVE INDUSTRI Tools & Equipment’s locally manufactured welding safety curtain and screen products are used in conjunction with other protective measures

Industrial equipment supplier INDUSTRI Tools & Equipment’s manufacturing division offers a range of custom-made industrial materials, including welding screens, strip curtains, fire blankets, spill mats, tarpaulins and dam liners.

Safety regulations – which require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the implementation of other protective measures during the operation of arc welding equipment – have been introduced to protect workers in or near welding areas,” says INDUSTRI Tools & Equipment manufacturing product manager Lynette Badenhorst.

“INDUSTRI’s locally manufactured welding safety curtain and screen products are used in conjunction with other protective measures, such as ventilation, cooling fans and respirators, to keep everyone in the environment safe.”

The company is part of distributor Engineering Solutions Group – a subsidiary of investment holding and management company Invicta Holdings.

Badenhorst notes that the company’s flame-resistant welding curtains and screens form a safe enclosure that withstands extreme heat and limits the movement of welding chemicals and fumes. This protects welders and others in the facility from the harmful effects of flashes, radiation and other debris during welding work.

“Exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation can lead to skin burns and severe eye disorders, such as arc eye, or welder’s flash – a painful inflammation of the cornea, which might affect vision,” she explains.

Further, INDUSTRI’s welding screens are manufactured using a laminate vinyl material with high tensile strength, while the seams of the safety curtains are electronically welded for durability and tear-resistance.

These systems, which have been designed for quick installation, easy access and simple re-arrangement, can also be positioned to create a sound barrier that contains the noise produced on site during welding operations.

These durable welding screens, she says, are suitable for use in every facility where there is a welding process such as engineering stations, workshops, mines, oil and gas operations, as well as manufacturing and artisan training centres.

Badenhorst advances that the company is well positioned to improve efficiencies and enhance productivity for a broad customer base.

The company’s extensive product offering is available from seven specialist divisions – tools and equipment, cutting tools, welding products, lifting equipment, PPE products, locks and machine tools.