Supplier offers complete solution to university

13th March 2020 By: Cameron Mackay - Journalist

Supplier offers complete solution to university

CLEANING VARIATION While above the floor cleaning tasks remain similar, variations in floor types require different products and methodologies for maintenance or restoration

Local cleaning chemicals supplier Industroclean’s ability to provide holistic cleaning solutions enables it to offer the University of Cape Town (UCT) a one-stop-shop cleaning chemicals solution.

Industroclean MD Emma Corder confirms that the company began supplying its solutions to UCT residences in April 2018; the company has been supplying the UCT properties and services divisions since August 2017. She states that, while there is no set period of supply, the company continues to engage with all stakeholders regularly to ensure that UCT’s needs are met.

Industroclean offers the university a “complete basket” of solutions, which includes chemicals, as well as equipment and consumables.

The company has also done extensive testing, demonstrations and training for UCT cleaning staff to establish standardised procedures and methodologies across all facilities. Direct communication ensures that chemical cleaning products are in the appropriate locations when needed.

“The aim is to standardise these methodologies across the different facilities as much as possible, but there are times when we must adapt and offer products that are not part of the standard production offering. “However, neutral, acidic and alkali chemicals, together with the appropriate mechanical tools and methodology, will enable the cleaning staff to address most tasks efficiently.”

While above-the-floor cleaning tasks are usually similar, variations in floor types require different chemicals, products and methodologies for maintenance or restoration. For example, a vinyl floor will be treated differently to a porcelain tile floor.

The type of equipment and machinery on site will also determine the types of approaches that can be used.

While variations in solutions are needed, Corder emphasises the need for creating consistency.

Industroclean delivers all orders to UCT residences, which means that the dilution of cleaning chemicals is done at the residences. Chemicals are supplied in 100 mℓ and 5 ℓ containers, after which they are diluted into 10 ℓ containers that contain taps for dispensing.

“Training plays an important role in the overall health and safety approach,” says Corder.

Another factor that plays a significant role in the handling of chemical cleaning products is the further improvements in stock control by Industroclean. This simplifies daily maintenance routines, as each tool and product is fit for purpose, and has improved the company’s response time to orders.

“Communication between the university and Industroclean is vital to ensure that deliveries are executed efficiently. We receive prior notification from UCT on what it intends to order, which gives us time to source any items that are not in stock.”

Corder highlights that a consistent range of products and quantities being ordered over an extended period has given the company a clear indication of which products to stock.

In addition to the chemicals supplied, Industroclean has supplied the university with Nilfisk dual-speed single-disc machines, Vileda mopping trolleys and 3 m buffing, as well as stripping and scrubbing pads that are used on a daily basis for maintaining floors. Paper products and cloths are also products supplied on a monthly basis.

Sustainable Cleaning

The company also strives to introduce products and systems that have a low overall environmental impact. This means that the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the chemical are an important consideration.

“As the world becomes more environment conscious, suppliers are scrutinised more closely. “We make an effort to adapt to market trends that lend themselves to sustainable cleaning practices. “Visiting international trade shows and partnering with international suppliers enable us to gather insight into such trends and initiatives that are beneficial to the local market.”

In addition, Industroclean’s environmental initiatives include using recycled packaging, implementing responsible recycling and waste management, as well as using janitorial products made of 100% recyclable materials.

As Industroclean’s national sales team includes several segment specialists, the company can advise and maintain a strong presence in the healthcare, retail, agriculture and heavy industry sectors.

“We have exclusive access to strong brands to support our value proposition, which is to solve the most difficult cleaning challenges at the lowest overall cost. “We do this by combining a range of products that are sourced from top suppliers in different product categories.”

The company has a strong national footprint, with nine offices, and continues to use this network to offer customers consistent, quality products and services to support their businesses in all areas, Corder concludes.