Supplier extends pumps offering

6th October 2017

Supplier extends  pumps offering

FLOW ACCOMMODATION Atlas Copco’s high-flow models are capable of handling flow rates of up to 1 400 m3/h

Industrial equipment supplier Atlas Copco’s portable energy division expanded its offering for the dewatering market, launching more than 20 new heavy-duty, high-capacity pumps in August.

The launch included the addition of three high-flow models to its PAS range of centrifugal dry prime pumps. The new pumps are capable of accommodating flows of up to 1 400 m3/h.

Atlas Copco’s offering for the dewatering market now comprises highly efficient wet and dry prime centrifugal pumps for construction, drainage and emergency applications, in addition to specialised models for wellpoint applications and pumping abrasive liquids and bentonite mud.

A new positive displacement piston pump was also launched. It is specially designed to run dry without damaging internal components. It is ideally suited for wellpoint applications, where the volume and depth of water is low.

The new pump range is Atlas Copco-branded, although the Varisco name – which belongs to an Italian pumps manufacturer that was acquired by Atlas Copco last year – is retained as part of the VAR range of centrifugal wet prime pumps and will therefore remain synonymous with first-class dewatering solutions. The Varisco brand will also continue to be used exclusively for the industrial pumps range.

To offer customers extra flexibility, all ranges can be supplied with a diesel engine or an electric motor as part of Atlas Copco’s E-Pump concept. Further, up to six modular configurations are possible for each range. Dependent on the range, pumps can be supplied on a standard pump block, a basic or flexi-skid, or as part of a trailer, crate or fully containerised package.

Besides its seven centrifugal and positive placement piston pump ranges, Atlas Copco offers portable submersible dewatering pumps as part of its WEDA+ range. The range recently underwent a design overhaul, resulting in the introduction of five innovative pumps that offer up to 20% overall reduction in power consumption, compared with previous models.

The WEDA 04S is the latest addition to the Portable Energy line-up of small submersible pumps primarily intended for the light construction and general equipment rental industries.

The WEDA 04S is a 0.4 kW on-site sludge/ trash pump with a maximum flow of 270 ℓ/m
and a maximum head of 10.5 m. It complements the WEDA line of under-1 kW single-phase drainage, sludge and residual pumps released last year.

The WEDA 04S has a cast iron vortex impeller that is able to pump dirty water and handle solids of up to 25 mm in size. This makes the pump a practical choice for dewatering sewage in flooded building basements or on construction sites, removing rainwater from sandy or muddy ditches and excavation sites, or getting rid of unwanted water during maintenance of utility manholes.

The pump is robust and easy to maintain, thanks to its triple seal system which comprises double mechanical shaft seals constructed from silicon carbide with an additional lip seal. Thermal protection gives the motor additional reliability and run-dry capabilities. Further, its low weight (10 kg) and compact dimensions (372.5 mm × 241 mm) ensure the pump is easily portable from one dewatering task to the next.

Atlas Copco Portable Energy division pumps marketing manager Abet Cantuba states that WEDA 045 was introduced in response to customers’ requests for a “small pump that could also handle solids”.

He adds that the division intends to expand its sludge/trash pumps range to include larger kilowatt power nodes, able to pump higher flows and handle larger sizes of solids in the near future. “This will be important for applications in mines and municipal sewers.”

The Atlas Copco WEDA small range of pumps also includes the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps; the WEDA 04B residual pump that draws water down to 1 mm; and the sand- and mud-resistant WEDA 08S sludge pump. Atlas Copco also offers a range of kits, hoses and coupling accessories for the WEDA pumps.