Supplier celebrates 25 years’ service excellence

10th November 2017

This year, bearings and power transmission products supplier Bearings 2000 is celebrating its 25-year anniversary.

Throughout this time, the company has become the largest independent, authorised distributor of FAG and INA branded bearings from the German bearings manufacturer Schaeffler Group.

The company has a large stockholding of FAG and INA bearings complimented with a full range of economical bearings, power transmission products and seals across all its seven locations in South Africa.

Through its nationwide presence, Bearings 2000 MD Michael Stamatiadis says the company strives to provide a comprehensive supply solution to add value to its customers across multiple industries.

“The company has experienced exponential growth over the last few years and plans to continue on this growth path by increasing its market segment penetration by expanding its reach into five new geographic locations by 2020 and diversifying its product lines. This is all backed by Bearings 2000’s main objective to provide industry leading service through its three core strengths.”

He highlights that the three core strengths of the company are its supply flow, technology and the people that it employs. The company is actively developing and introducing systems and processes to reduce the challenges from when a product is ordered to when it reaches the customer. It achieves this by minimising and eliminating bottlenecks and rapidly fixing any deviations, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Further, the company has embraced new and developing technologies to provide improved service to its customers, improving the service processes and helping to create a frictionless buying experience.

“Examples include a fully barcoded and digital warehouse management system, an online business-to-business customer service and sales platform, mobile customer relationship management systems and integrated systems with logistics partners,” he states.

He points out that the company is cultivating a culture of getting-things-done, honesty, embracing change and being open to new ways of doing old processes with an emphasis on personal development.

Industry Challenges

Unsolicited emails from illegal counterfeit bearing producers from China have led to counterfeit bearings being spread to local bearings distributors, says Stamatiadis.

The company explains that its sales and technical personnel come across counterfeit FAG bearings on a weekly basis at its end customers. He explains that the packaging and markings that are used on the counterfeit products are almost identical to the official FAG bearings that are supplied by authorised distributors of FAG.

“However, the product inside – although in looks and markings, identical to the original – is in fact an inferior product manufactured using inferior material and processes in factories in China,” he points out.

Stamatiadis highlights that the use of counterfeit bearings is detrimental and costly to bearings distributors and the end customer in the country. By supplying counterfeit products, such distributors are directly responsible for the resulting damages caused to the end customer.

“The results can be costly, premature bearing failures and, in many cases, catastrophic machinery failure, overall downtime increases, and, but not limited to, physical danger to workers and consumers in critical applications,” he says.

He adds that the dangers of and risks in using counterfeit bearings can be larger than distributors know. Further, some applications where counterfeit bearings are used are highly critical and can affect more than the companies that use them – “in fact, in some cases, they can be detrimental to the economy of the country”.

Stamatiadis further states that Bearings 2000 highly recommends purchasing exclusively from Schaeffler’s authorised distributors, who obtain original FAG products directly from Schaeffler and additionally offer expert advice and after-sales service.

He explains that Bearings 2000 is an authorised distributor of the Schaeffler Group of products, which are the manufacturers of FAG and INA bearings. The company offers a free of charge service where FAG bearings are checked for their authenticity.