New range launched in March

9th July 2021 By: Khutso Maphatsoe - journalist

New range launched in March

EASY ACCESS The air compressors are accessible through the Internet of Things and can provide real-time operating and performance data anywhere globally

Compressor manufacturer Mattei launched its 55 kW, 75 kW and 90 kW range of Rotary Vane Xtreme Inverter- (RVXi-) controlled air compressors at a live online streaming event from Mattei’s global headquarters in Milan, Italy.

Mattei CEO Giulio Contaldi presented the new features and benefits of the variable-speed air compressor during the event, held in March.

He said that “the freshly patented Xtreme Injection Technology introduces a new and more energy-efficient method of making compressed air”.

Mattei industrialisation manager and Mattei RVXi range project manager Andrea Capoferri added that the technology “adjusts the compressor rotation speed according to the actual use, avoiding unnecessary energy waste to make our machines even more efficient across the 40% to 70% capacity range, where inverter-based control technology is universally deployed by compressor manufacturers”.

He noted that the end result represented “a quantum leap in energy efficiency that lowers energy costs, raises the bar on sustainability and delivers a major reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions”.

Further, the compressors are equipped with an innovative, smart temperature regulation system, called Xtreme Thermal Management Technology, which provides superior temperature control to further increase the efficiency of the compression process.

An oversized cooling system has been designed and is managed by the company’s Industry 4.0-ready Maestro XC computerised controller. In operation, an electronic thermostatic valve is primary and a variable-speed fan secondary, which work symbiotically on the basis of actual oil temperatures to minimise energy consumption and optimise the operating temperature.

The controller has a 10-inch touchscreen interface, remote control functions, and Internet connectivity that can be linked to a company’s network and provide real-time performance, historical trending, and operating status globally via the Mattei Cloud. It also offers an optional real-time oil-quality sensor to assist in predictive maintenance planning based on actual environmental conditions at the plant level.

Capoferri explained that the controller has a built-in modem, and real-time notifications can be accessed through email when a malfunction occurs.

Further, the air compressors are accessible through the Internet of Things and can provide real-time operating and performance data anywhere globally. These are some of the features that are unique to the new Mattei RVXi series.

In addition, Mattei technicians also focused their attention on the Mattei RVXi series on the durability of the materials used and their ease of maintenance, owing to the inclusion of flange piping and fittings without using sealants to make them easier to maintain and more resistant to potential leakage.

Another important focus was the ability to monitor compressor parameters in real-time using the Maestro XC touchscreen controller and the Mattei cloud.

“This is fundamental for reducing costs because the data can be used to plan advanced maintenance operations, which reduces any risk of failures and is in line with Industry 4.0 trends,” Capoferri said.

Further, the oil sensor option provides real-time monitoring of the condition of the lubricant to ensure maximum uptime and significant value through timely predictive maintenance operations.

The Mattei RVXi series replaces the same-size range of the OPTIMA Series that the company was first introduced nearly two decades ago.

“Mattei RVX 55i kW, 75i kW and 90i KW variable-speed air compressors are so energy efficient that they propel and firmly establish this line-up as the leader in energy efficiency and a true force to be reckoned with,” said Capoferri.

Capoferri added that Mattei manufactures fixed- and variable-speed air compressors that range from 1.5 kW to 200 kW.

Mattei air compressors, genuine parts and servicing can be purchased and done by air compressor supplier Rotorvane Compressor Sales, which is the official distributor of Mattei air compressors in South Africa, he concluded.