Sunrise Energy reveals significant growth in LPG volumes at terminal

23rd May 2022 By: Darren Parker

Sunrise Energy reveals significant growth in LPG volumes at terminal

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminal operator Sunrise Energy has revealed its latest data on LPG imported through its independent terminal at Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape.

Sunrise operates the LPG import terminal under exclusive concession from the Transnet National Ports Authority, providing LPG importers access into the Western Cape.

CEO Monde Tyusha said on May 23 that, since 2017, Sunrise had seen a substantial increase in the volume of LPG moving through its Saldanha Bay terminal.

Volumes more than doubled from 52 016 t in 2018, the first full operational year, to 129 544 t in 2021. During this period, Sunrise recorded average year-on-year growth of 36% in LPG volumes moving through the terminal.

Since operations began in May 2016, the terminal has facilitated more than 500 000 t of LPG imports into the country and beyond.

The positive growth confirmed the rising recognition of the utility of LPG as an alternative energy source against the backdrop of continued load-shedding, the company said.

“This exciting data shows a significant growth in demand for LPG, and the upward trend suggests that more South African industries, businesses and households are increasingly taking advantage of LPG as a safeguard against the worst effects of ongoing load-shedding throughout the country. But there is more that can be done to maximise the beneficial use of LPG wherever it may be used,” Tyusha said.

Despite boasting some of the best LPG import infrastructure in Africa, South Africa has a very low use of LPG per person. Just by leveraging existing infrastructure and policies, South Africa could save up to 550 MW of its daily grid demands, among numerous other economic growth enablers, Sunrise stated.

With the approval of the LPG rollout strategy on May 12 by Cabinet, Sunrise called on government to do more to encourage South Africans to take advantage of LPG to lower the pressure on the grid as the winter demand for energy ramps up.

“To maximise its potential, government must act immediately on the LPG strategy’s call for a public awareness campaign, encouraging all South African energy consumers to switch to LPG and assuring them of its safety,” Tyusha added.

Sunrise has written to Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe to offer its support and assistance in raising awareness about the benefits of LPG and the need to invest urgently in appropriate infrastructure.

“The Sunrise Energy terminal is well-equipped to help South Africa tackle the challenges of load shedding. We have the capacity to help government implement the LPG rollout strategy, and we will make every effort to ensure the continued growth of the sector for the benefit of South Africa’s energy users this winter,” Tyusha concluded.