SunRanch Solar

13th December 2019

SunRanch Solar

SunRanch Solar is a fully integrated and experienced turnkey solar engineering, procurement and construction company. 

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, SunRanch Solar has representation in eight provinces across the country. 

SunRanch Solar installations include rooftop, carport and ground-mounted solar systems. The company’s grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems consist of solar power integrated with grid, battery storage and generator set power generation.  

To date, SunRanch Solar has completed 69 solar installations for 3 MW of daytime power. The company recently completed its first net metering banking system, in which surplus solar power is fed back into the Eskom grid, with full approval from Eskom and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa.

SunRanch Solar, together with its financial partner, offers solar installations on a build, own, operate and transfer, or BOOT, basis. The company designs, installs and operates solar plants on long-term lease contracts, with the key benefit being that clients do not require an upfront capital outlay. 

SunRanch Solar’s primary business objective is to substantially reduce the levelised cost of energy by providing efficient renewable-energy solutions. Power costs constitute an average of 25% to 30% of total costs for many businesses and SunRanch Solar aims to significantly lower this cost component, providing clients with greater autonomy over power supply and consumption, while also reducing carbon footprints.

SunRanch operations and maintenance services can be individually selected in the post-construction phase of a photovoltaic plant and include:

SunRanch Solar is also part of an international consortium for large-scale 10 MWp to 100 MWp projects in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.