Successful Israel South Africa Water Week Creates Partnerships

9th June 2016

The first annual Israel South Africa Water Week wraps up today in Durban after successful sessions in both Johannesburg and Cape Town earlier in the week. Top experts on water scarcity and over a dozen Israeli companies were joined by South African partners, NGO’s and high ranking members of national and provincial governments in full day sessions that focused specifically on solutions for water scarcity in South Africa.
In these full-house events across South Africa, Prof. Elion Adar, a world-leading hydrologist and one of Israel’s leading researchers in water sources, use and technology, spoke in great detail about the technologies that Israel has successfully developed and now utilizes in their journey from water scarcity to water abundance, and how these technologies could be applied within the South African context.
A key point of Prof. Adar’s presentation was that many of these existing technologies can easily be adapted for rural and small farming applications, exponentially multiplying farm yields for very low expenditure. As one of the guests in Cape Town remarked at the close of Professor Adar’s presentation, “this is a game changer.”
From simple water harvesting and drip irrigation systems for use in small farms, to greenhouses and fully computerized irrigation and monitoring systems for large scale farming, Prof. Adar shared a wealth of expertise on water conservation and usage.
The sessions also saw a range of top Israeli and South African companies presenting technology solutions that could be exploited to assist in a number of water related situations including control of water loss from municipal systems, cleaning of sewerage or mine water run-off, desalination and reservoir water management.
An important point raised by many of the businesses and by Ambassador Arthur Lenk, many of the Israeli businesses partnering with South African companies are building factories and manufacturing locally, creating jobs in addition to assisting in water conservation and reclamation. The Ambassador sited the recent agreement between the two countries following high level discussions to share knowledge and expertise on water issues and other areas.
The aim of these conferences, that were free and open to all interested parties, was to create partnerships that will benefit South Africa both in terms of job creation and manufacturing, but also critically in terms of dealing with the impact of the current drought situation. Over 350 meetings between Israeli and South African businesses and organisations have taken place during the week.
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