Storage AIOps brings predictive analytics and automation to support digital transformation goals

12th April 2022

By Lourens Sanders, Solution Architect at Infinidat

In an ever-complex technology environment, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is increasingly being used to enhance IT operations. Harnessing the power of deep machine learning, AIOps delivers the benefits of predictive analytics, automation, performance monitoring, event correlation and more. This can be a game-changer in highly competitive, performance-driven environments – particularly when it is applied to the storage mix through Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings. 

A single pane of glass

One of the biggest roadblocks for digital transformation is siloed storage, which prevents consolidated data views and insights. Using Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) with AIOps solves this challenge, bringing a single pane of glass view of the storage infrastructure, enabling analytics to be applied for both predictive insight and predictive support operations. With this consolidated view, IT operations can be streamlined through future prediction of both failures and performance bottlenecks, proactive maintenance, and centralised automation. 

Lower TCO

AIOps can effectively identify actual and potential issues before they can cause widespread problems, automate troubleshooting and fixes, and deliver more effective and efficient support within STaaS infrastructure. In addition, inputs and outputs (I/Os) can automatically be balanced across infrastructure to improve performance without the need for manual intervention, reducing OPEX and operational manpower needs. 

In enterprises where storage is required to produce high performance at petabyte scale, these benefits can significantly improve operations, while substantially lowering the total cost of ownership of the storage estate. 

Future-proofing storage

When it comes to storage, predicting capacity requirements for the future has typically proven difficult to achieve with any level of accuracy. With AIOps in the STaaS mix, however, artificial intelligence helps IT operations to understand current needs as well as trends to determine when extra capacity will need to be deployed for expansion. The predictive capability of AIOps gives IT operations insight into the future to enable capacity planning and futureproofing of storage. 

Prediction, automation, digital transformation 

As IT becomes increasingly complex, more and more time is taken up by repetitive operational and administrative tasks which are made more challenging by segregated storage environments that require individual management and maintenance. A single pane of glass view and a consolidated management layer, driven by AI and deep learning, dramatically enhances IT operations. AIOps provides simplified, automated remediation actions across multiple areas, for reduced time spent troubleshooting, simplified complexity and predictive capabilities. By delivering a more complete analysis of and insight into STaaS, AIOps can deliver automation, centralise IT operations, improve TCO and cost management, and support digital transformation to speed the pace of innovation.