Steyn City luxury lifestyle development launches own app

31st October 2019 By: Simone Liedtke - Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

The Steyn City luxury lifestyle development, in Gauteng, is tapping into the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), while keeping its promise of “creating a lifestyle like no other”, through the release of its Steyn City mobile application (app) for residents.

With the intention of being more than a communication tool for residents, the app combines several features, including ride-hailing services, (like Uber); fitness; delivery; pets; and community-based apps in one central place.

The app was developed through a joint partnership with app developer Open Vantage.

Steyn City marketing and events group head Tammy Menton says the aim of the app is to “set the benchmark in large-scale mixed-use property development in South Africa”, which she says has “required a unique approach” to the manner in which the development has unfolded.

Menton was also the brainchild behind the app’s development.

“Because of the massive upfront investment in Steyn City, we have gained notable attention and are now considered, unequivocally, the residential address to watch. This way of thinking would need to apply in all spheres of the experience, at all possible touch points, from the first contact with Steyn City to the potential investor who wishes to make their greatest investment in our parkland residence.”

The app also enables residents to generate access codes for the estate.

“Our app offers a real solution because although it taps into the digital nature of modern life, its features free up time so that there are more hours to spend doing what you love, with the people you love,” Menton says.

Open Vantage CEO Jacques van Niekerk mentions that the app’s existing functionality focuses on making it easier for residents to navigate the lifestyle estate.

With this in mind, the first phase of the app includes onboarding of existing and future residents, managing household accounts and billings, and viewing and managing properties.

Importantly, users can invite others to join their profile, so that their children, tenants, domestic workers and contractors may also be able to take part in the management of the property.

The app further features a content management and marketing element, where residents can advertise items and admin can post news.

While this is standard for other industry apps, Menton emphasises that Steyn City’s offering is different because it enables users to make reservations at any of the service providers and vendors active at the lifestyle estate.

A maintenance and fault logging function is also available, providing instant feedback to residents.

“The convenience is significant,” Menton says, adding that residents can “simply open the app, identify and log the fault, and the head of the department responsible for that part of the lifestyle resort will receive instant notification”.

The app will notify the resident as soon as the issue is resolved.

The app will also have a “club and societies” feature, which – similar to a Facebook group – connects residents with common interests. For example, mountain biking enthusiasts living in the lifestyle estate can organise to meet, chat about upcoming events, post pictures and personal best times on the platform.

In terms of events, the app will also replace ticketing platforms by making it possible to book and pay for tickets for events taking place at the estate, even allowing residents to invite guests and taking care of security aspects such as providing an access code.

Other key features include a ‘Lost and Found’ section, which allows residents to tag all their possessions – from kids’ schoolbooks to golf clubs – with a unique scannable QR code, so that lost items can be easily returned.

“This is a particularly handy function when your beloved pet goes missing without your knowledge,” Menton points out.

The ‘Help’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sections are handy guides to handling common problems, while the ‘Classifieds’ section is useful for homeowners looking to buy and sell items. There’s also ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Services’, which enables residents to advertise services they may offer to other residents, such as au pairing, tutoring, pet sitting, cake baking or vet care services at home.

Several other features, including security, are also available on the app. Van Niekerk mentions that other functionalities will be added and enhanced over time, with a number of new innovations scheduled for release in 2020.

Many of these revolve around the goal of transforming Steyn City into a cashless society, so that residents can pay for everything from their meals at restaurants within the estate to home deliveries and even utilities with the app.

A separate set of features is available for members of the general public, as the downloaded app will provide access for any visitor wishing to gain entry into the lifestyle resort, going forward.

Steyn City will use this portal to regularly promote special deals on golf and restaurant experiences, early-bird tickets and discounted rates for events, and access to view all available properties for sale, as well as opportunities to attend pre-launches of new property developments.