State-of the-art harvester brings precision agriculture to the fore

8th April 2021

State-of the-art harvester brings precision agriculture to the fore

Combine Harvesting Heads RD45F HydraFlex S700 Series S790 from John Deere

Precision agriculture (PA) is an approach to farm management that uses technology to ensure that crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity, using specialised equipment and real-time data.

PA technology is at the forefront of harvesting solutions to ensure accurate and increased consistency, productivity and performance. Agriculture equipment company John Deere affirms that PA technology is part of its turnkey solutions, aimed at making it easier for farmers to tap into the power of high-quality information by simplifying decision-making that could lead to increased profitability.

The company’s new range of harvesters is designed to include various automation and intelligent technology features that enable continuous, maximum uptime through the season and a low cost of operation, regardless of outside factors.

John Deere asserts that its harvest technology aims to ensure that the machine operates at its best at all times, reducing losses and maximising profits. The optional Combine Advisor package helps to set, optimise and automate main harvester functions when conditions change. The software constantly analyses the level at which the harvester is performing and adjusts all machine functions accordingly, to limit losses by maintaining the target as conditions change.

The company’s front-end equipment has also received updated harvesting solutions in line with improved performance, up-time and cost of operation.

John Deere’s range of front-end equipment includes the following:

Technology included in all of the latest John Deere front-end equipment is a Header Control Unit (HCU) that communicates seamlessly with the combine. The HCU saves head-specific factory calibration settings and collects and sends header-width information to the combine for accurate yield mapping, reduced set up time and an accurate maintenance schedule.