Specialised dewatering solutions from Franklin Electric

29th March 2017

Franklin Electric is utilising their commitment to and understanding of complex dewatering applications together with cutting-edge scientific methodologies to offer specialised dewatering solutions in South Africa that are 40% - 80% more cost effective than any other on the local market. 

Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solutions are based on a highly functional collection and communication system to ensure smooth flowing operations, from the necessary protection mechanisms and settings to deal with submersible pumping conditions, right through to data accumulation and control.

Application Engineering Manager for Franklin Electric SA, Lyon Van Der Merwe, says that Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solution is a problem-solving approach that offers durability and ease of repair resulting in increased uptime and an overall reduction in cost of ownership by providing the correct pumps, motors, monitoring equipment and accessories to increase product life-span and reduce problems which result in downtime.

Franklin Electric is a leading manufacturer of world-class pumping systems since 1944, providing innovative products for a multitude of applications across the globe. Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solutions have been available in South Africa since 2014 and are used primarily in the mining industry to control water levels to ensure that mining operations can be secured and safely undertaken.

The pumps that are used for mine dewatering must be able to operate in extremely hostile conditions and are often situated deep underground which can adversely affect the operation of the pumps and make servicing difficult and time consuming, negatively affecting the viability of the mine.

Franklin Electric has incorporated specially developed and patented technology into their pumps, motors and control systems to ensure that repairs are quick and cost effective while a state-of-the-art monitoring and control centre uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system to integrate water flows, levels and measurements. All parameters are recorded, logged and made available for operational and management purposes.

Data and operational information can be accessed remotely via satellite (BGAN), cellular (GSM), WiFi or radio systems. The VFD system is pre-programmed to manage and protect the motor and pump, accept transducer signals to ensure that the operation is controlled as well as collect all information and link to the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

The SCADA control system developed by Franklin Electric for dewatering monitoring and control applications makes use of an RTU strategically placed in the mine dewatering field that is configured to collect direct and indirect VFD data such as voltage, current, frequency, torque, consumed power, operating time, pressure and flow rates.

Van der Merwe says that Franklin Electric manufactures the motors and pumps as well as assembles the control panels used in this field. “We have expert knowledge in selecting the correct pumps and motors, programming controls and drives for successful operation as well as servicing installed equipment and collecting and managing site data using the Franklin Electric SCADA control system,” he notes.

The specialised dewatering solutions that Franklin Electric offers also address the challenge of integrating sensor networks with current SCADA systems due to limited interoperability, as users can access all data by physically going to the master well or connecting to its RTU via remote satellite or GSM network. In addition, the Franklin Electric dewatering and monitoring control centre utilises real-time interaction between all wells’ VFD systems, sensor data and users in the field allowing the RTU to detect and report a problem without delay.

Dewatering in the complex and harsh mining environment is tough but crucial and requires a combination of expert performance together with minimal operating expenses. Franklin Electric’s broad range of pumping solutions coupled with full control, monitoring and remote SCADA systems delivers complete specialised dewatering solutions that ensure durability, reliability and performance.

For more information about the specialised dewatering solutions from Franklin Electric, contact Gideon Swanepoel on gswanepoel@fele.com or 011 723 6500, or visit www.franklin-electric.com.