Solutions provider helps improve production efficiency, enhance sustainability

15th March 2024 By: Trent Roebeck - Features Reporter

Solutions provider helps improve production efficiency, enhance sustainability

BÜHLER DEGERMINATOR MXHM The Degerminator from Bühler assists in preparing flaking grits based on wet hulling or to produce brewing and snack grits

Process solutions provider, Bühler Johannesburg, offers Southern African and global food industry players equipment solutions and services to improve food production efficiency, meet consumers’ nutritional needs, and integrate sustainable and environment-friendly food production solutions. 

“Bühler have solutions ready that by 2025 will enable 50% reduction in waste, energy and water in our customer’s value chains,” says Bühler Johannesburg head of manufacturing and logistics Southern Africa Francois Knoetze.

The company offers a range of environment-friendly food processing technologies, digital solutions, processing equipment and services that are beneficial to food industry players.

These solutions include innovative equipment and technologies used for cleaning, sorting, milling and packaging, as well as digitalised streamlining solutions, innovations in confectionery production, and extensive training programmes for food industry players, food producers and employees.

Some of these solutions include technologies that enable food producers to accurately accommodate their target market’s preferences by customising the colour, flavour, shape and texture of products to meet consumers’ desires.

“Food and beverage producers, suppliers and retailers can benefit from Bühler's products and services by gaining access to innovative technologies that enhance production efficiency, improve product quality and support sustainable practices,” says Knoetze.

Bühler extends its support to food producers and agricultural professionals with solutions for animal feed, post-harvest food loss and food security, such as, for example, Bühler insect technology innovation, which is designed to convert organic residues into “quality” ingredients for plant and animal nutrition.

Knoetze emphasises the importance of ensuring sustainable practices in food production – while improving production efficiencies – so that waste is minimised and there is an increase in the organisation’s energy efficiency.

Therefore, Bühler not only offers clients product-, process- and service-enhancing solutions, but also offers education and training to food industry experts through its African Milling School initiative.

Bühler's sustainable solutions enable food and beverage industry players to contribute to environmental conservation and meet growing demand for responsible production. Having provided African food and beverage industry players with “high-quality solutions” since 1972, the company intends to make a noteworthy contribution to energy efficiency and waste reduction within the industry by 2025.

“Two-billion people each day enjoy food produced by Bühler equipment and one-billion people travel in vehicles manufactured with parts produced with our machinery. Having this global relevance, we are in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable and good business,” he enthuses.

Finally, in addition to improving operational efficiency and sustainability, Bühler aims to provide food and beverage industry players with solutions that bolster food safety.