Solid Wedge appointed to automate sugar plant

13th May 2022

Solid Wedge appointed to automate sugar plant

Solid Wedge, a leading South African-based electrical and instrumentation solutions provider, has been awarded a contract to automate one of Goldstar Sugars’ plants to achieve better plant moderation and efficiency.  

With a total refining capacity of 250 000 tonnes, Goldstar Sugars operates two sugar refineries in Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. To achieve maximum process reliability and plant uptime, the company has appointed Solid Wedge to automate one of the plants.

“Goldstar Sugars uses batch pans to run strikes, and the operation of this equipment is largely done manually. To improve plant moderation and efficiency, the company has decided to automate the system. In the quest for consistent control of the process, we have therefore been appointed to provide a solution that will take away the operation of most of these functions from the operator,” explains Lloyd Dzinotyiwei, MD of Solid Wedge.

To meet the automation requirements of the project, Solid Wedge will design and install network access from the programmable logic controller (PLC) to the field Input/Output (I/O) panel. The scope of the project also includes building and installation of an (I/O) panel near the pan; installation of a human-machine interface (HMI) near the pan; supplying and installation of instrumentation and valves, as well as the configuration and programming of the pan and HMI to control parameters. Solid Wedge is also responsible for commissioning and handover of the fully automated pan.

Awarded in January 2022, the project has a 90-day completion timeline. To ensure that the project is executed on time and within budget, Solid Wedge has implemented a detailed project schedule, risk assessment and management plan, complemented by the definition of roles and responsibilities to ensure that all hands are on deck.