Solar-powered lantern brightens off-grid areas

22nd September 2017

Solar-powered lantern brightens off-grid areas

SHINING ROADS The lanterns can be used by rural communities that do not have access to electricity

Suited for off-grid households’ electrification, the Mobiya TS 170S portable solar light-emitting diode (LED) lantern is being distributed by electrical solutions provider Magnet Group.

The Mobiya solar LED lanterns have been designed by automation systems company Schneider Electric as an appropriate, safe and reliable source of energy efficient lighting. The lanterns consist of a solar panel and an integrated mobile phone charging facility, with a USB cable with five adaptors.

“This compact, user-friendly lighting system is particularly well suited for small shops and for street vendors. Mobiya solar LED lanterns are also effective in power outages, emergency situations, vehicle or machine breakdowns, as well as for outdoor activities, like camping, fishing and entertaining,” says Magnet Group MD Brian Howarth.

He explains that the lanterns do not generate noise or emissions and can be hand carried, even by children. Mobiya lanterns are drop impact resistant from a height of 1.5 m and water resistant up to 0.5 m for an hour.

The lantern has three level settings which provide 48 hours of light at 20 Lumens output, 12 hours of light at 85 Lumens and six hours of light at the maximum 170 Lumens. He points out that an advanced lithium ferro phosphate battery, with a 1 500 cycle, three-year life span, is charged through the solar panel, with micro-controller-based charge control to prevent overcharge and deep discharge.

“Smart electronics for battery monitoring shows indications for battery charging, the battery charge level remaining and the need for recharging when drained. For added convenience, a phosphorescent switch enables the user to locate the lamp in darkness,” he says.

Howarth concludes that the Magnet Group specialises in the supply and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation. The company has distributed automation systems company Schneider Electric’s range of energy management systems in Africa for nearly 35 years.