Outdoor lighting goes green

20th August 2021

Outdoor lighting goes green

The SOLARPOLE solar lighting system from BEKA Schr├ęder

A locally-manufactured solar lighting system, suitable for a range of outdoor applications, is designed to operate consistently at a high light output over a 12- to 14-hour period.

Combined with the ZIYA luminaire, the SOLARPOLE from BEKA Schréder is said to provide a reliable lighting solution for roads applications, with an IP 65 ingress protection level that withstands high ambient temperatures and vandalism.

The KAZELLE post-top luminaire is designed for urban environments and features a minimalistic and modern look.

The vertical solar panels use a cylindrical module to achieve a better aesthetic design, as well as improved wind resistance. The photovoltaic process is optimised by the efficient vertical module with six pieces of slim mono-crystalline solar panel technology to maximise solar energy. Th company has a range of battery storage options, including lithium and the new SuperCapacitor, which is designed to eliminate depth of discharge issues and offers extended life and discharge cycles.

Controlling the system and using solar energy by programming the maximum power point tracking, or MPPT, charge controllers helps to protect the system from any internal and external factors, such as thermal environmental changes when charging the batteries.

Key advantages of the SOLARPOLE include:

The solutions is said to be ideal for a range of uses, such as in car parks, public squares, pedestrian areas, urban and residential streets, bike and pedestrian paths and for security lighting.