Software company to showcase farm management system

6th May 2016

Software company to showcase  farm management system

MB4000 FARM MANAGEMENT PACKAGE DFM Software Solutions most comprehensive application helps users compile reports on planting details, irrigation, production and more

Specialised software developer DFM Software Solutions has developed a range of end-user applications (apps) for the agri- cultural market and will be displaying these apps at Nampo 2016.

DFM notes that, with the burden of rising costs and the drop in market-related incomes, many farmers are seeking new technologically advanced methods to manage the resources available to them. The company states that, while many farmers are still hesitant about branching out of the traditional management styles, many of its clients have taken the leap towards new age methodologies, thus using the best of what is available without running up operational costs.

Moreover, accurate record keeping has become an essential part of farming in recent years, as new regulation stipulates that accurate, up-to-date records be kept regarding every aspect of a product’s life cycle.

The MB4000 Farm Management Package is DFM’s most comprehensive offering. It allows users to compile and assess records depicting planting details, growth stages, stock and production records, and irrigation and spray records. More importantly, this system will help farmers save as they will be able to accurately assess where costs can be cut.

This module contains all block details, such as spacings, cultivars and groups. Coupled with additional information, report writing is made easy when recalling previous histories.

Additionally, farmers can track climate changes on a yearly basis, and the leaf and soil analysis system will plot the related figures on a graph, allowing farmers to view their maximum and minimum limitations. “The main feature is the ability to create spray instructions, saving time and money and reducing chemical wastage. The system comes with full comprehensive reports and spray instruction guides. The MB4000 Farm Management Package, also has a complete all-in-one solution accounting system for farm wages and salaries.”

DFM uses the example of water scarcity and its impact on agriculture to demonstrate the effectiveness of its solution. “Renewable resources are of growing concern, especially with climatic changes aggressively impacting on resource availability. Effective and efficient irrigation scheduling is paramount in achieving excellent market-valued products.”

The MB4000 allows users to determine the optimal amount of water needed for a specific block and to set up an irrigation system, thus reducing water consumption. “The majority of our clients experience higher turnovers and lower costs.”

DFM notes that “many farmers cling to the research that has been tried and tested, yet these rudimentary forms of natural manipulation prove to be fruitless when they are not paired with the correct insights. The industry has new technical advances at the forefront, yet many of the advances are either too expensive or inaccessible to the average farmer”.

DFM believes in empowering its clients. The company, established in 2000, has always recognised the need for accurate scheduling and management. Its main challenge then was that only a small handful of farmers were prepared to change their mindsets. However, 16 years later, farmers have adapted and broa- dened their outlook, mostly out of necessity.

The company started with determining the perfect soil to air ratio. Using its app, farmers were able to optimise the root development while reducing irrigation in order to create higher yields with lower cost implications.

DFM states that it provides the tools for its clients to determine where the shortfalls are in their management styles, whether it is in irrigation, labour or farming practices. It adds that “by taking control of their businesses, farmers are now making better informed decisions based on the data available to them at their fingertips”.

With the proven results, DFM can confidently say that it is making a positive impact on the farming sector and that it is empowering its clients with the knowledge they need. There are several problems in agriculture, and DFM states that it is able to provide the majority of the solutions needed. “[DFM] refines these solutions taking into account the latest research ideologies, technologies and more importantly, the cost implications.”